ETX Capital Review: Guide for the novice traders

ETX Capital Review: Guide for the novice traders

Every other person is getting rich and you are still poor. Why? Is it because you haven’t found a real opportunity or you are not ready to avail yourself of any? If you are interested in becoming a trader, then this blog is very helpful for you.

Review of the broker – ETX Capital

When you are searching for a broker, do you filter the search results for what they offer? Do you target the brokers offering trades in crypto pairs or currency pairs? Are you concerned about a broker offering trade services in CFDs and metals? What if you find an all-in-one broker? There are hundreds of brokers online who offer trades in nearly all kinds of assets.

If you have been searching about broker platforms, then you might have come across MT3, MT4, and MT5. What are these? M stands for ‘MetaTrader’. These are different software programs installed in trading platforms to offer unique trading experiences. Let’s talk about MT4 that is offered in ETX Capital. It enables you to take advantage of algorithmic advisors and also a wide range of strategies constituting swing, scalping, and medium and long-term trading. You may make more and more passive income by referring traders through affiliate programs. To know more about the affiliate program, you have to first sign up.

Since the company was established, it has had fifty-five thousand clients across the globe. Moreover, for their excellence in educational content and for offering a proprietary trading platform, there are five international awards credited to them.

As the company is under regulation by FCA, it binds the company to keep its funds in segregated accounts. Moreover, for the licensees, there are strict requirements by the regulator and hence the issuance of its certificate to the broker certifies that the broker is legit and highly reliable. Moreover, it also guarantees that transactions are processed transparently. To start trading on the platform on a real account, you need to deposit $320.

Another interesting thing about the company is that the platform is available in ten languages. It means that multiple nations can become part of their community even if they don’t know English – the standard language.  For the training of traders, the platform offers educational content and defines the trading accounts they offer along with features of the contracts.

Pros of Using ETX Capital

  • FCA is regulating the broker’s activities.
  • It offers a narrow spread for top currency pairs.
  • The traders are offered quality training sessions by financial experts from London.

Cons of ETX Capital

  • The broker’s minimum deposit limit is high.
  • The terms and conditions apply to deposit and withdrawal commissions enabling a few payment systems.
  • The account registration process is lengthy and complicated. There are 4 steps in signing up for the account.
  • The traders are not facilitated with PAMM accounts. Moreover, there is no investment program offered for passive income.

Take Away!

The blog presented ETX Capital Review for the guidance of novice traders who are searching for a good platform. If you need any assistance, comment in the section below.

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