Jared Kushner deserves an Emmy Award (opinion)

The Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement against half-truths, dog whistles and red earrings in a 60 second interview (Morning TV News) are not yet available, but Emmy, if you’ve watched, has found a winner this week.

(Really, I’m just curious to see who’s friends with Kushner and the guy who wrote F*** Tha Police, but I’m gone).

Kouchner then went from answering a legitimate question about the meeting to spreading a dizzying mixture of words dripping with racial discontent. It was so full that justice can only be done when it is crushed line by line.

Kushner: One thing we’ve seen a lot in the black community, which is mostly Democrats…

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Anyone who wants sincere feedback about the race of the lawyer’s first son can join us. This is not about racial reconciliation, but about the possession of freedoms.

President Trump’s policy is one that can help people get out of the problems they complain about.

Trump’s policy? Tax cuts that give whites a disproportionate advantage over blacks? Removal of rules to reduce racial bias in school discipline? A literal endorsement of police brutality? Encouraging the repeal of the Affordable Care Act is a decision that will cause disproportionate harm to black people?

Economic inequality, unequal treatment, police violence, unequal access to healthcare – all things that Mr Kouchner will never experience – are the same systemic problems that black people have been complaining about for generations. No objective criteria have led to improvements in the President’s policy.

But he can’t want them to have more success than they want.

Anyone with a black grandmother could hear his reaction to Kushner’s statement: Oh, bless this boy’s heart. Kushner’s insult to blacks is based on lies – lies about life in a pure meritocracy, and lies about the fact that systemic racism is not and will not be prosecuted before 2020.

Of course people have to work hard and take some responsibility for their future. But the data shows how systemic problems exacerbate racial inequality in America. For example, under the Mortgage Disclosure Act 2020, lenders refuse to grant a mortgage to black applicants at a rate 80% higher than that of white applicants. The pay gap between blacks and whites is widening. According to a Harvard Business School study, even a black name on a CV can reduce the number of job interviews.

Fault! The file name is not specified.

In fact, the differences are greatest in the corporate world, where only three Fortune 500 companies have black CEOs. Such a number simply cannot be the function of black leaders who don’t try hard enough. And as a former prosecutor, I have to mention the pronounced racial differences in police work and convictions. For example, blacks and whites use about the same amount of marijuana, but blacks are still 3.6 times more likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana. I can go on and on.

Kushner’s position, shared by many, accuses Americans of yawning at the inequality between the wrong people.

And what you’re seeing all over the country right now is support from the black community…

According to a recent survey on Queennipiaq, Biden leads the black electorate from 81% to 5%.

…because they realize that all the bad things the media and Democrats have said about President Trump…

That line just recycled an old presidential lie.

…and they see it’s really delivered, it depends on the results.

It is difficult to take this statement out of context with the president’s repeated assertions that he has done more for blacks than any other president except Lincoln. Although we have had presidents who were obviously more racist than Trump (starting with slaves Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Polk, Taylor, Johnson and Grant from Washington), it is offensive to assume that President Trump somehow belongs to a special class.

The estate certainly deserves recognition for signing the Prison Reform Act. But let’s not exaggerate. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended racial segregation in public places and prohibited racial discrimination in the workplace.

Or, to put it bluntly, Barack Obama, the only black man who has ever assumed the presidency, has done more for black people than Donald Trump will ever do in his life. That’s not gonna change.

Unlike most politicians who have been in Washington for decades and who say and say all the right things, President Trump can’t always say the right things, but he does do the right things.

The voters will have to decide next week if Trump is doing the right thing. But let’s agree with Kushner on one thing: Of course, Trumpf doesn’t always say the right things. Since he took office, he has made more than 20,000 false or misleading statements. Moreover, Kushner’s remarks are the most recent example of how an ally of the president gives free rein to his birth, to intimidation and fanaticism, to the ease with which one cannot say the right things or express one’s thoughts.

It is difficult to see anything in Kushner’s statements other than an attempt to strengthen President Trump’s white base a week before the election. But it is remarkable how a series of rejected comments, which should have been a list of achievements, could have been so ignorant, lying and offensive to blacks at the same time.

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