Istanbul Basaksehir 0-2 Paris St-Germain: Moise Kean scores double

Moise Qin scored against Istanbul Qin scored four goals for PSG in their last two games.

Everton striker Moise Keene scored twice, while Paris Saint-Germain recovered from Neimar’s loss and injury to beat Istanbul’s Basaksehir in the Champions League.

PSG was not at its best, but in the second half of the game it continued with Keane on loan from Toffees.

Neimar left halfway through the first half after pulling a muscle.

Kean then took second place with a nice finish in the corner within the penalty area.

The result was a bit difficult for the hosts, who had more luck before Keene’s first shot.

Just before the goal of PSG Edin Whisk forced goalkeeper Kaylor Navas to make a good move, taking advantage of a defensive error.

Navas scored another good parade to prevent the hosts from being proved right by defeating the stabbing bastard of Deniz Turuk on the run.

Neimar Neimar is fired at the 26th minute.

The best chance for PSG to make the goal was when Kilian Mbappe shot wide from the promising position.

But in the second half, Keene was at the centre of attention and scored four goals in four games after being sent down to 4. October had been transferred from Everton to PSG.

The victory is PSG’s first in this year’s Champions League after their defeat for Manchester United last week in their Group H opener.


Istanbul Basaksehir

  • 34Gyunok
  • 4Pereira da Silva
  • 37Skrtel
  • 6Power-offReserved for 49mins
  • 63Bollingoli-MbomboReplaced by Caldyrimat 63’minutes
  • 5Topal Bocking in 54 minutes swapped for Baat 68’minutes
  • 7Visca
  • 10 Ozkan
  • 17Kahweci
  • 23DeurüçReplaced by Alexicat 81’minutes
  • 27Replacement for 81 minutes.


  • 1Bakan
  • 3Caldirim
  • 8Alexia
  • 13Chivans
  • 19Ba
  • 20 by Paula
  • 22Gulbrands
  • 26dos Santos Rodriguez
  • 77Caplan
  • 89Caracus


  • 1Navas
  • 24FlorenciZ replaced by scan rate 73’minPar 82min
  • 15Danilo
  • 3Kimpema
  • 20KurzavaReplaced by bakkerat 87’minutes
  • 11Di MaríaSubstitute for Rafin hate 73’minutes
  • 21GuerreraReplaced by Huyat 87′ minutes
  • 5Markinhos
  • 10NeimarSarabiate replaced by Sarabiate 26’minutes
  • 18Kin
  • 7 File


  • 4Ker
  • 12Rafinya
  • 16Rico
  • 19Sarabia
  • 22Diallo
  • 25Baker
  • 27 Guiyé
  • 31Dagba
  • 32Pembele
  • 36Ruiz-Atil
  • 37Fadiga
  • 60Randriamy

The arbitrator: Andreas Ekberg

Number of participants : 350

Real-time text

  1. Final of the match, Istanbul Basaksehir 0, Paris Saint-Germain 2.
  2. End of the second half, Istanbul Basaksehir 0, Paris Saint-Germain 2.
  3. I missed a shot. Edin Visca (Istanbul Basaksehir) scored with his right foot just outside the penalty area but missed with the right. With the support of Irfan Kan Kahweci.
  4. I missed a shot. Cilian Mbappe (Paris Saint Germain) shoots too high with his left leg outside the penalty area. With Rafigny’s support.
  5. Corner, Istanbul Basaksehir. The renunciation to Moise Keane.
  6. Corner, Istanbul Basaksehir. Awarded to Danilo Pereira.
  7. Attempted rescue. The picture to the right of the box of Rafinha (Paris Saint Germain) is kept in the lower left corner. With the support of Idrissa Gueye.
  8. Markinhoss (Paris Saint-Germain) is punished after committing an offence.
  9. Dęba Ba (Istanbul Basaksehir) wins in midfield.
  10. Corner, Istanbul Basaksehir. Confession of Presneille Kimpembe.
  11. The attempt is blocked. Shots on goal from the penalty area Edin Visca (Istanbul Basaksehir) in the right leg are blocked.
  12. I missed a shot. Pablo Sarabia (Paris Saint-Germain) is missing to the right of the centre of the potholes. With the support of Kilian Mbappe.
  13. Replacement, Paris St. Germain. Mitchell Bakker replaces Lavin Kurzawa.
  14. Replacement, Paris St. Germain. Idrissa Gueye replaces Ander Herrera.
  15. I missed a shot. Daniel Alexic (Istanbul Basaksehir) Title too high from the middle of the box. Supported by Irfan Kan Kahweci with a cross.
  16. Corner, Istanbul Basaksehir. Concession to Danilo Pereira.
  17. I missed a shot. Edin Viska (Istanbul Basaksehir) is missing on the right side of the box on the left. With the support of Irfan Kan Kahweci.
  18. Tilo Carer (Paris Saint-Germain) has been booked for an offence.
  19. Tilo Keurer (Paris Saint-Germain) is punished after committing an offence.
  20. Edin Viska (Istanbul Basaksehir) hits a free kick on the left wing.

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