Joe Biden has North Korea in his sights, does not rule out meeting Kim Jong-un

The time is now for the United States of America to act, said Joe Biden as he convened a security meeting with America’s top defense officials. The aim is to diplomatically isolate the Kim Jong-un regime, and make it clear that the country cannot continue to threaten its international peers.

Vice President Joe Biden has never been afraid to go up against a powerful adversary. When Biden was a senator, he was a leading critic of the Bush administration’s apparent willingness to cut deals with Iran and North Korea. So it is not surprising that he has entered the fray over North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. Reports suggest that Biden is in talks with South Korean officials to travel to Seoul to meet with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. The trip may happen later this month.

Vice President Joe Biden made it clear he is not afraid of President Trump’s “fire and fury” threat, but said the US and its allies must make North Korea understand “we have the capability to defend ourselves with overwhelming force”.. Read more about north korea news and let us know what you think.

Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, recently met US President Joe Biden at the White House. Moon is the second world leader to visit Biden after Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. Interacting with the media at a press conference with the president of South Korea, Biden indicated that he could meet Kim Jong-un but added that it would not be like earlier meetings of the “recent past.” Former President Donald Trump had met Kim face-to-face on three occasions. The first time was in 2018 in Singapore; they met in Hanoi and later in the Demilitarized Zone DMZ.

They had developed an understanding of sorts but failed to arrive at a solution. It was a clash over priorities. Trump’s priority was denuclearization, while Kim’s was relief from sanctions..It was a stalemate in the denuclearization of North Korea and meant America would have to revise its strategy. Biden has taken up that exercise.

Daily Mail UK reports that Biden said his approach would be different. He wants to see the North surrender its nuclear weapons. His words were – “I would not give him all that he’s looking for.” Soon after assuming charge, the Biden administration tried to establish contact with North Korea, but it played hard to get. Moon Jae-in was all praises for Biden, and the two leaders agreed to work together to nullify the threat posed by North Korea with its range of nuclear arsenal.

It was a matter of concern for both, and they wanted denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Moon wants to resolve North Korea issues before relinquishing office in May

Moon Jae-un had meaningful meetings with Joe Biden. They agreed to work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The president of South Korea began his visit after meeting Vice President Kamala Harris.

He said the former US President had threatened to withdraw US troops from the country. Daily Mail UK adds that Biden and Moon realized the need to cooperate on issues associated with security in the region. The ultimate objective would be to achieve total denuclearization and permanent peace. Moon Jae-in will relinquish office in May and is keen to see a restart of the stalled talks on the subject.

The parties would be Washington, Pyongyang, and Seoul. In May, North Korea said the Biden administration is maintaining a “hostile policy” towards it.

Biden announced about vaccines for South Korea

President Joe Biden identified an official of the State Department to act as a special envoy for North Korea. He also announced vaccination. It would cover the service members of South Korea who work with the US forces on the peninsula. Daily Mail UK mentions that efforts made by the Biden administration to reach out to the North did not produce the desired result. Many foreign diplomats left North Korea due to a shortage of food and medical aid.

The US and South Korea want denuclearization of the Korean peninsula

According to ABC AU, Joe Biden could meet Kim Jong-un under the right conditions. The United States is working to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. That was the common goal of both Moon Jae-in and Joe Biden. The US President was aware that asking North Korea to abandon its nuclear arsenal was not an easy task. His predecessors failed, and he wants to make a new beginning. He nominated a veteran State Department official to take over a special US envoy for North Korea. He is a Korean-American diplomat, had served in a similar position under President Barack Obama, and assisted in the Trump-Kim summits. Moreover, he is knowledgeable about the political setup in the region.

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDAmid the inexplicable acts and words of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, there have been recent reports that he was planning to meet with former US Vice President Joe Biden if he was ever able to build a suitably large meeting arena big enough for the two men to talk. In the latest development, Biden has it on good authority that the North Koreans intend to build such a venue soon, and that they are in the process of preparing the ground for a possible meeting. But Biden has not yet decided whether he would like to meet Kim Jong-un in person, which is why he is still deciding whether he would like to meet Kim Jong-un.. Read more about what is north korea news saying and let us know what you think.

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