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Joe Burrow is slowly making his way back to the starting lineup. Back in August, the backup quarterback was placed on injured reserve with a broken foot. Since the injury, Joe has continued his rehab and has been on the practice field this past week.

The Bengals kept winning on the road late last year, but after losing to the Steelers in week 17, they couldn’t do the same at home. The Bengals have one of the best defenses in the league, but they just can’t get it together on offense. So, what’s the problem?. Read more about reds and let us know what you think.

CINCINNATI, OHIO — For the last two years, quarterback Joe Burrow has been the greatest narrative for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Burrow’s journey from being the first overall selection in the 2020 draft to a rookie season affected by COVID-19 sparked interest last season. Burrow is returning to the preseason after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his left knee to address an injury that terminated his first NFL season.

How has Burrow looked so far, and how much playing time will he get before the season opener on Sept. 12 against the Minnesota Vikings? As the Bengals prepare for their first preseason game, here’s where Burrow stands.

Is Burrow expected to play in the preseason?

The Bengals’ executive staff first said that Burrow would not participate in the preseason.


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During the annual media luncheon on July 26, Bengals owner and president Mike Brown remarked, “We probably aren’t going to send him out there until we get to the season because we don’t want to jeopardize anything with him.”

Burrow, on the other hand, has said that he wants to receive some preseason repetitions. And the Bengals never completely ruled out the idea. Burrow will not play in the Bengals’ preseason opener against Tampa Bay on Saturday, but coach Zac Taylor said Burrow may see the field for a few drill plays.

Taylor stated, “I’m not ruling anything out for the next games.” “I’m only prepared to talk about Week 1 right now.”

What is Burrow’s current physical state?

Burrow was approved to begin football activities in July, which allowed him to participate fully in training camp. Burrow has taken part in team drills and, with the exception of one rest day, has spent the most of his time with the first-team offense.

Throughout the summer and training camp, Burrow wore a brace on his surgically repaired left knee. Burrow claimed he was “just about 100 percent” at the start of camp and had no physical restrictions.

“Right now, there are no football moves that are bothering me,” Burrow remarked. “As a result, I’m feeling confident heading into the season.”

What has Burrow’s appearance been like at training camp?

Burrow and the offense were unable to regain the rhythm they had before to Burrow’s injury in November. Burrow threw a pair of unusual interceptions during team drills during the first full week of camp, and the offense was unable to stretch the defense vertically.


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Burrow was rested by the coaching staff on Aug. 4, marking the first time he has missed a session as a healthy scratch in either of his first two training camps with the club. It turned out to be a wise choice. It helped Burrow’s body “come back fresher,” he added. Burrow and the offense have been more crisper and successful in the following sessions.

On Wednesday, Burrow told NFL Network that he had a lot on his mind the first week. “I’ve always been very decent in the pocket, you know. It was difficult to figure out who was who in the pocket. But then it all came back to me one day.”

What is Burrow’s most difficult obstacle to overcome?

According to Burrow, the mental component of his rehabilitation has been the most difficult thus far. Early on, he struggled to find comfort in the pocket, particularly when bodies flew about him. Burrow spent additional time after a workout with team members to improve on throwing passes with people coming at him.

One of the last steps in his rehabilitation will be to reacquaint himself with playing against defenders.

“Getting my pocket presence back and understanding when I’m under pressure and when I’m not is the last stage for me,” she says “Burrow said. “I’m just getting back the entire sensation that I’ve had for a long time.”

But there’s one thing we may not learn about Burrow this preseason: how he reacts after the first time he’s in the pocket. That will put his recovery’s physical and emotional components to the test.

According to Burrow’s remarks, he’s ready to make contact.

On Saturday, he replied, “Yeah, I’m eager to go out there.” “I believe I take that initial hit and then I’m right back at it,” says the player. That’s how I’m now feeling.”

The Cincinnati Bengals have finally found the solution to the Joe Burrow conundrum. The Bengals are going to give Joe Burrow the keys to the offense, and they will do it by giving him the starting job over Alex Smith.. Read more about joe burrow cigar and let us know what you think.

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