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Debates about goats always start when Lebron James and Michael Jordan are mentioned. Because of their size, their names are often linked.

After Lebron James has won his fourth NBA MVP title and his fourth final, there is no doubt that King James is the best player in the world at the age of 35. In fact, he was the best player, if we remember correctly. But he’s had some competition in the last ten years, especially from Kevin Durant. The player who came closest to the greatness of LeBron was KD because of his unstoppable ability to score points and hit a superstar.

But how does LeBron relate to Michael Jordan, who is widely recognised as the greatest of all time? Although LeBron certainly cares about himself, there’s still a pretty big difference between the performances of Jordan and LeBron. In fact, the difference between them is what Kevin Durant has achieved in his Hall of Fame career.

Here is a list of the achievements of Kevin Durant throughout his career, the same achievements that Lebron must continue to follow the great Michael Jordan.

2 championship rings (Jordan 6 – Lebron 4)

KD won two NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors super team alongside Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draimond Greene. The warriors were already very good (and won the NBA title without Durant), but KD made them invincible. Durant won 2 NBA titles against the Warriors, which is the same number of rings between Jordan and Lebron.

Lebron has four rings with three teams, Jordan has all six bulls of Chicago. The fact that Michael Jordan has the number of rings that Kevin Durant and Lebron James both have in 29 years of league play together is amazing. Jordan is an absolute winner, and their championship rings are proof of that.

2 MVP finals (Jordan 6 – Lebron 4)

Michael Jordan shot 6 MVP finals and 6 rings 6-0 in the NBA final. Lebron has 4 NBA titles and 4 MVP’s in the finals, which is great, but still lags behind MJ. For that he has to play at least two more seasons at MVP level in the NBA finals. Lebron and MJ are the only two players in history that have at least 4 NBA titles and 4 MVPs in the final, so it is possible, although very difficult.

To look at it another way, LeBron has to repeat what Kevin Durant did for the State Golden Warriors and win two more MVPs at the ages of 36 and 37. KD won 2 MVP’s in a row in the finals with an incredible support team that Lebron James will probably have to make up 6 MVP’s in the Jordanian finals. If the Lakers can conquer a third star like Zack Avalanche, Derrick Rose or Bradley Beale, that’s quite possible. But by then, Jordan will have added the last MVPs of Durant and LeBron.

1 MVP Regular season (Jordan 5 – Lebron 4)

Jordan now has one MVP more than Lebron. The difference between them is also what the great Kevin Durant achieved during his career in Grose Oklahoma City. LeBron James has been the king of the regular season for the past 10 years because he is the player who can bring any support team to the top of any conference. James influences the game in too many ways and has 4 MVP’s.

MJ has the same influence as Lebron had in his time, except that he managed to win another MVP. Jordan was undoubtedly the best player in the game, just like Lebron, but he still beat James with another MVP. Durant was a beast in OKC Thunder, and for his performance he won the MVP title for his ability to score points and pull the clutch. No matter how good KD and LeBron are, their total MVP awards can only be matched by MJ.

4 Debt instruments (Jordan 10 – Lebron 1)

What no player can come close to are the ten titles that Jordan has won. LeBron is 9 short of MJ, which underlines the gap between MJ and the dominant striker. The fact that Kevin Durant, perhaps one of the best strikers in the history of the NBA, has only four advances is proof of Jordan’s greatness. While Lebron and QD amalgamate half of the DOJ, it is a strong argument for Jordan, both as striker and vanguard.

Kevin Durant, like Michael Jordan, is a priority in the bucket stock and gets at least 20 shots per game. LeBron is a natural playmaker, but thanks to his driving skills he is as good as a goalkeeper and gets his shots in every game. But LeBron is not MJ when it comes to buckets, because he doesn’t have the pole movements, fadeaway jumps, or the ability to make room for jumps like MJ. KD’s close, too, but M.J.’s just the best ahead.


With Michael Jordan’s praise, LeBron will have to rebuild his entire career to get closer to what M.J. has achieved. Lebron will really have to repeat what Kevin Durant did in the NBA to balance the DOJ in terms of big rewards.

KD is home to the first Famer ball, and the fact that MJ has received more awards than KD and LeBron combined is amazing and puts MJ’s size in a different direction. Although the debate about MODS is always about having different opinions, it’s hard to deny that Michael Jordan has the most incredible list of achievements that no player can compare to.


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