Janet Kidder Talks Leading the Emerald Chain As Osyraa

Since the launch of the ship Discovery in the 32nd century… When the first Star Trek ships arrived in the 20th century, there was a threat hanging over the universe after the fire. The Emerald Necklace is an alliance between the Orions and Andorra, who control most of the economy after burning a series of trade fairs throughout the galaxy. Michael Burnham and Cleveland Booker attended one of the season’s top three premieres. The Federation was later on the eve of an open war with the Necklace, who led Burnham and Georgia on a mission to rescue the book from the Emerald Chain labour camp, which cost Burnham his position as first officer of the Discovery Company.

In an episode with the sanctuary last week, viewers finally met the boss at the top of the emerald chain. Janet Kidder plays the role of Osira, Oriona, who may have brought her men to the top for the first time, and she has no intention of abandoning them in the near future: Discovery. You can see what she said downstairs.

What do you think of Oisrea and the emerald chain in Star Trek? Discovery? Let us know in the comments. The new Star Trek: On Thursday there will be a feed of episodes of Discovery on CBS All Access.

Direction green

What were your experiences before you came to Star Trek? Discovery? Were you a fan, or did you come here to learn on your own?

Janet Kidder: I watched Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock and then I didn’t go hiking until I had this experience. So I feel very green all over the world, and now I feel much closer to it. But I didn’t know much about the world of racetracks. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Feeling green: A wordplay for your Orion character?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I just realized I said it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I felt very new in all this. So I had a lot to learn and to meet all these great and wonderful people and to discover this world.


New level

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They’ve already done some great related work, but I feel that Discovery, from what I know about them, is on a different scale than many of these shows. Was it a different experience for you than these shows?

Absolutely. It feels like everything’s on its level. And then maybe the Star Trek show feels the same. We feel like we’re part of one big family. And it’s like the whole world they’ve created with all these shows in the last ten years. So it’s an amazing thing to fall in love with. Everybody loves this place. You immediately feel like you’re part of something incredibly positive. Everyone was so kind and supportive. And to meet and work with Jonathan Frakes and all the actors in the show. It’s just very warm and soft and makes you feel very excited and part of something special.



Like we said before, you play a green character. How does it feel to survive being turned into Orion? There is a compositional factor, but not the only one. There are nails, costumes and jewelry. Can you tell us anything about what you went through when you did all this and went through a process that seems very transformative?

I really enjoyed it. I find that putting on a wardrobe usually helps me to revive the face, which is so sublime that it gives absolutely 1000% and with a new face a feeling of freedom, like an actor. But I had to get used to working in this room. And I think that as the exhibition progresses, there may be a small change, because we refine the details of the face. But I loved going to that set every day. It gave me real character in life. Which indeed will be created as soon as I have all this. She really made me feel who she was. So I was lucky to be able to do something relatively extreme, probably from the point of view of an actor and the filling of a character. So that was good. It was so much fun.


Naughty Star Trek

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You play a character who’s a villain, and Star Trek doesn’t often make straight villains, but when they show up, they’re memorable. When you first chose a character, did a classic villain come to mind as a source of inspiration? Or did you go somewhere else when you were looking for his voice?

When I first auditioned for this character, I didn’t know it was for Star Trek. Well, I was thinking about very influential actresses that I really like, and I found out at the audition. And when I got the part and found out who that woman or that Orion was, I just built it myself. I wasn’t looking at anyone in particular. I knew I wanted her to have more depth than just lying and not be a typical bad guy. I hope we will show these subtleties in future episodes, but I have to invent them myself.


Your motivation is

Can you tell us a little more about what makes the Osira work?

The best for your people. How to create a strong and powerful empire for a race that is normally enslaved. I think his motivation doesn’t come from evil, but from the desire to be at the top of something real and different. It changes, develops and transforms in this world of science and fiction. She wants to create something that will last. That way her people will be safe and she will sit at the same table with all the important people in the world. So, yeah. I think it’s just a desire to support my people. And I’m not saying she’d make a better choice. She’s a cool girl, but she really feels like she’s doing it for the good of her people.


Stay awake

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In the first episode I found one of the most interesting exchanges when Sarah told him: Hey, the Orions were slaves themselves. And she reacted with these words: Yeah, well, now we’re at the top. Is this the direction his bow will take? Is this angle being investigated?

We find her there, with her emerald necklace, which has reached the top, perhaps for the first time since the birth of this world. We will have to wait and see what happens, but she really feels that she has taken her people to a higher level and respects her ancestors.


Things to come

Can you give tips or joke about what fans can expect in the next episodes of Cheese?

You can certainly look forward to seeing more, and maybe later on she will put on her work shoes, and you can see how she really moves forward and try to recognize what motivates her. She’s coming back. She’ll be there for you. I think she’s a great character, and I hope everyone loves her as much as I do. And they’ll see a lot of funny things about him in later episodes.


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