LeBron James And Trevor Ariza Had Beef Before They Even Came To The NBA: “He’s Overhyped”

LeBron James and Trevor Ariza had beef before they even came to the NBA. The two were teammates on the University of Arizona Wildcats and then later in the Cleveland Cavaliers, but their relationship was not always rosy.

LeBron James And Trevor Ariza Had Beef Before They Even Came To The NBA. He’s Overhyped is the headline of a story on Bleacher Report that talks about how these two players had beef before they even got to the NBA. Read more in detail here: lebron james accomplishments.

LeBron James And Trevor Ariza Had Beef Before They Even Came To The NBA:

Before they ever arrived in the NBA, LeBron James and Trevor Ariza had a falling out: “He’s Overhyped.” Once again, LeBron James and Trevor Ariza will be partners. Ariza was re-signed by the Los Angeles Lakers nearly ten years after his previous tenure with the team. 

Ariza most recently played with the Miami Heat, with whom he was eliminated in the first round. Ariza has previously represented the Lakers, earning an NBA championship in 2009. Ariza, on the other hand, has played for a variety of teams since then.

Ariza will add to the team’s seasoned expertise. LeBron James is no longer in his prime, but still putting up great statistics. However, the Lakers will benefit from having a seasoned presence in the locker room. 

This is Ariza and James’ first time playing together, but the two have a lengthy relationship going back to their days as high school basketball players, as @laker.club’s post below details (SWIPE).

At the same time that LeBron James was making headlines in the NBA, Ariza was a great high school basketball player. In reality, Ariza believed that the media had “overhyped” James and that he was the superior player since he was doing things on his own while James had a squad behind him. 

Even Ariza’s uncle got involved, claiming that his nephew was better than LeBron and that he didn’t understand why LeBron was receiving all the attention.

So it was going to be an event to remember when the two players met in 2003. In reality, Ariza and his teammates got out to a fast start, overpowering LeBron and his teammates. 

Ariza once grabbed the ball and dunked it on the opposite end, then started taunting LeBron James as he returned down the floor. After the fast start, several questioned LeBron’s metal.

James, on the other hand, replied with one of his greatest games ever. He scored 52 points and crushed Ariza’s high school squad to lead St. Vincent St. Mary’s to victory. 

LeBron scored the same amount of points as the whole Westchester squad, while Ariza only had 12 points. Within a few years, both made it to the NBA, but their careers followed quite different routes.

James was the first overall selection in the NBA Draft in 2003, and he chose the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ariza, on the other hand, attended UCLA and played there for a year. 

Despite his strong achievements there, he was only selected 43rd overall in the 2004 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. Despite LeBron’s achievements, Ariza was the first to win an NBA title.

However, their feud seems to have been resolved later in their careers, with Ariza even complimenting LeBron over Kevin Durant in a 2012 interview, stating that LeBron contributes more to the team than KD. That did not, however, imply that they were buddies. 

Several times during a Rockets-Cavs game in 2018, Ariza and James got into a heated exchange. After Ariza fouled him, James chose to retaliate by scoring several baskets while Ariza was defending him.

Throughout their tenure in the league, they’ve maintained a pleasant yet competitive atmosphere. However, after years of being on opposing teams, Ariza and LeBron will wear the same uniform as they compete for another title.

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