Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers – The Los Angeles Lakers had their first real challenge to defend their title in their 96-94 loss against the Miami Heat on Saturday. This is the third defeat in four games since Anthony Davis suffered a hamstring injury and a sprained calf in his right foot.

There’s a question for these Lakers: Should LeBron James do more to help his teammates, or should his teammates do more to help James?

I feel like there’s a lot about Bron in the last two games, Lakers goalie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope said after the game. We already know what the result will be. So the others have to keep playing hard, keep playing basketball and not worry about anything else.

James scored 19 points shooting 7-21 for the Heat (including just 1-8 on 3-pointers), his worst performance this season. He also caused five team changes.

James, who threw a pass to Jimmy Butler with 5.4 seconds left and put Alex Caruso in the path of a possible miss, insisted his teammates didn’t have to make up the deficit while Davis and playmaker Dennis Schroeder fouled out.

They’re doing their part, James said. They do their part and more.

No, James says he needs to get Los Angeles out of its predicament, as he has done for most of his 18-year career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Heat and now the Lakers. Due to Saturday’s defeat, the defending champions dropped to third place in the Western Conference standings.

I think that’s what it’s all about and right now it’s another challenge that I have to adapt to, James said. No AD for an extended period of time is something we haven’t had in a year and a half, and now it’s time for me to adjust and see how I can be even more effective in helping this team win baseball games. Because that’s the sport we’re in.

We’re in a winning business, and I’ve always been a winner. So it’s time to click.

James wasn’t the only one who struggled with the ball against Miami. The Lakers hit just 1 for 13 with 3 points in the fourth quarter, and things didn’t go so well the rest of the game: They hit 13 of 45 attempts (28.9%) from outside.

We’re trying to help him as much as we can, and we want to do our best, said Caldwell-Pope, one of only three Lakers to take more shots than he did against the Heat. We try to help him, we try not to make too many mistakes when we’re on the floor with him or even playing with him, just to help him. We ask a lot from Bron, he gives us a lot in every game.

It’s up to us, as actors and to the mindset of our neighbors, to prepare and include ourselves.

Caruso, who is 10 years younger than James, said he was careful not to burn James in February with the championships taking place in the spring and early summer and that his teammates were intentional.

I mean LeBron is the best player on our team and night after night you see the attention he gets for doing it, Caruso said. With the guys we took out, there will be teams looking for him. He has a great basketball mind and will do everything he can to keep the boys open for the big games.

For James, who supported his team with the words: When we are on the ground, we try to protect and support each other every night. However, there was one small point of criticism of a teammate that he shared.

With a two-point lead and 1.4 seconds left to play, he said he wished Caruso had taken a few steps back to make a 3 and win.

I think the only negative is that he fired a long 2, James said of Caruso’s 22-foot shot that hit the leading edge at the buzzer. I wanted him to shoot on three, and whether he hits them or not, I can live with that.

frequently asked questions

How much did the Lakers contract LeBron James for?

LeBron James started the offseason with a new set of awards for the NBA Finals and MVP Finals. Now that James has signed a two-year, $85 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is approaching half a billion dollars in NBA earnings on the court, and the franchise can dream of another three-pointer.

Has LeBron James left the Lakers?

However, James left the Cavaliers for free agency in 2010 and went to the Miami Heat. … He also won a championship with the Cavs in 2016. However, James will leave his Free Agency team again in 2018 when he goes to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Why did LeBron choose the Lakers?

The motivation for going there for the first time was to work with other superstars in the prime of their lives and tip the scales in his favor to win this first championship. … It’s more about his belief that he can build a winning team with the Lakers.

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