Mike Tyson might not stop after Roy Jones Jr. fight, loves Teofimo Lopez and other stars of 2020

10. November 2020


Eric Voudyardespen

Returning to the ring wasn’t even an idea for former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson until he was offered several deals 15 years after his last professional fight.

First an MMA fight against Bob Sapp was offered, followed by boxing matches with former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs and old rival Evander Holyfield. Eventually his side decided to fight the boxing legend Roy Jones Jr., who was scheduled to fight on the 28th. The month of November takes place.

But Tyson told ESPN this week that this may not be the last time fans of the fight can see a 54-year-old boy who was once feared to be the worst person on the planet.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I can do that for a while. Let’s see, Tyson told Peter Rosenberg from ESPN. It would be so great if we could do it all over the world and the best fighter in this country, shows with this guy in this country, shows all over the world. Wouldn’t that be great?

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I wanted to fight Roy Jones in four rounds, the next thing I remember is fighting Roy Jones, it’s eight rounds and I’ve got three judges and I’ve got a belt, he went on. Now, tell me, is it an exhibition? You tell me. What the fuck is going on? Is this going on? I want an exhibit, now I have a belt. Come on, man.

During this process, Tyson said he regained his energy and desire to practice after recovering from the loss of his life. He feels much better about the training now than he did when he started.

Tyson, the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history, also named the current stars of his former division, including Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontey Wilder. Although Tyson respects all three, he considers the Furies to be the most important dog.

I think he’s very good. Tyson was talking about the Furies. It seems that he is not afraid, but he is very elusive, he really knows how to box, he is very smart and very hard to hit and he is very close. He’s a monster.

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Mike Tyson reveals which active boxers he prefers.

Even when Wilder recovered from a one-sided loss to TKO Fury on the 22nd. In February Tyson praises the former champion again and encourages him to continue the trilogy.

If Wilder pulls his head out of his ass, he’s good. Wilder just has to stop internalizing things, this guy is great, Tyson said. Keep fighting. Fight again. Fight him for the third time. Every time you get a chance to fight for the title, he has to fight. We [as boxers] can only do it for a certain time in our lives, and then we can’t do it anymore. So we need to do as much as we can before we close this case.

Tyson still sees things Yeshua has to polish.

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I don’t think he’s a paper champion. It’s hard to fight when you’re so big that Tyson was talking about Joshua. It’s very hard to be this big and fight with a smaller boy… this boy could learn more. You can teach him other things.

Although the heavyweight has regained its popularity, Tyson also engages in the lightweight category – one of the most popular weight categories in boxing. Like the rest of the world, Tyson wants young champions like Theofimo Lopez, Gervonte Davis and Devin Haynie to continue at this stage of their careers and not wait too long.

It’s fascinating. He hit someone you should hit… He’s the one who had to be beaten, Tyson said about Lopez. I don’t think like these guys… these guys don’t think the same way: Hey, I wanna fight this guy, and then two years later, I’m fighting another guy. So if I’m Lopez now, I have Loma. I hit him.

So, now I want Gervonte Davis. I want Davis, I want Shakur [Stevenson], and I want these guys fighting in a year, he said. I want to fight them both this year, instead of just one, and three years later against [another] if he’s still the champion. You have to fight the boys you know will be hot by now.

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