Minnesota Vikings’ playoff hopes take hit as Dan Bailey misses 4 kicks

Leg problems have been haunting the Minnesota Vikings lately. On Sunday, Dan Bailey’s four missed shots catalyzed a 26-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reducing Minnesota’s chances of making the playoffs to 22 percent according to ESPN REIT.

After the first quarter of the Vikings touchdown Bailey went to the far left with an extra point and to the right with three consecutive goals of 36, 54 and 46 meters.

Kiker Vikings joins the unhappy society with his historically failed strike. According to ESPN statistics and information, the last player to score at least three goals and earn an extra point without scoring was John Avenue in Washington DC in 1961.

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In total, the Vikings left 10 points on the board for Bailey’s absence.

Even after several failed attempts as a shooter in the last two games of Minnesota, Bailey entered the 14th round as a six-point shooter. Week, as the fifth highest scorer in the history of the NFL. Bailey scored two more points in last week’s overtime loss to Jacksonville and tried to score a goal to win the game for Minnesota, late in the game. In overtime, the Vikings picked Dalvin Cook eight times in a row to get as close to the end zone as possible, with Bailey scoring a 23-yard goal.

Last week special team coordinator Marwan Maalouf suggested the kicker hit the ball higher than usual in a heavy attack against the Jaguars. Friday, Bailey was asked if he could determine exactly what happened at the shooting. He was told that a recent mistake bothered him, but that he could not deal with a certain subject.

This is clearly disappointing at the moment, and only in general, Bailey said. Because, more than anything else, it clearly has a real impact on the game – of course. But it’s frustrating in the sense that you’ve gone to so much trouble. I feel like I hit the ball well, not only in practice but also during the season, so of course it was a bit frustrating to go out and perform like that. For me and for everyone else, I’m sure. But you have to put it all behind you. You need to find a way to reset the system as soon as possible. That’s all you can do. You can’t keep talking about it.

Coach Mike Zimmer said he wasn’t worried about his trio of specialists, who recently replaced Austin Cutting with veteran Andrew DePaol and publicly supported his striker in light of recent failed attempts.

Yeah, I don’t mind. Zimmer said Friday. Dan had a great year. He practiced well this week. I spoke to him the other day. He’s very confident. He’s gonna be okay.

Bailey missed three of the last four attempts and on Sunday he missed 83 of the 86 attempts between 30 and 39 meters.

The Viking’s last goalscorer missed three goals in week two at Green Bay after rookie Daniel Carlson lost 3-0. The next day he was dropped off, and the Vikings soon signed with Bailey, the last free agent who played with Dallas as a replacement.

Minnesota has suffered two defeats this season in games where they have had the ball for at least 39 minutes. No other NFL team has suffered such a loss.

After Arizona’s victory over the New York Giants, Minnesota ended up in the playoffs with victories in two of the last three games, with Arizona losing (8-8 against 7-9).

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