NHL allowing helmet ads as Devils, Capitals, Predators unveil theirs

NHL player helmets are announced this season as teams try to recoup lost revenues due to the pandemic.

The New Jersey Devils, Washington Capitals and Nashville Predators were the first teams to unveil helmet ads on Tuesday. It’s a year-long event, with fans not admitted to most arenas and finances due to the reduction of the regular season to 56 games.

Needless to say, the team is in a big hole, said Nashville chief accountant Chris Junghans after the team announced the Bridgestone deal. So you’re looking for valuable, really valuable, tangible values to help us make guys like me fully-fledged partners. And it has to be valuable, it has to be dynamic.

The NHL leaves jerseys alone, mainly because the sale of advertising on helmets has become faster and easier than anything else.

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Commissioner Gary Bettman said in 2017, following the NBA-approved advertising for jersey, that unusual circumstances were needed to make such a jump in hockey. This would be appropriate, although helmets are a natural first step.

It’s very low-key, and that’s something we took into account when we looked at it, said Devilish President Jake Reynolds, who bragged that he was the first NHL team to find a helmet sponsor for his helmet in Prudential. We wanted it to be natural, and we wanted to make sure we did it right.

Discussions between the league office and the teams about the possibilities started after last season. Bettman, Assistant Commissioner Bill Daley and businessman Keith Wachtel have been in touch, and just over a week ago the teams got the green light to find up to two existing sponsors to put logos on helmets to match different combinations of uniforms.

Each of the first three teams has signed an agreement with the company sponsoring the name rights of its stadium.

We were ready for it and we’re excited to have this opportunity, said Jim Van Stone, President Commercial Operations for Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Van Stone entered into the Capital One agreement with Capital One, armed with the experience of receiving a sponsored Wizards sweater.

We all want to get the fans back into the building and back to normal, but these are really unique broadcast opportunities, and I think the value of social media and the ability to create content around our teams and players has made it the perfect opportunity given the current situation.

The NHL could sell jersey ads at some point if it believes it can make a significant profit. It is expected that other arenas in the vicinity of Pandemonium will also be used and will be shown on television, such as B. a tarpaulin over the empty chairs.

There are just things we communicate and we’re looking for unique, creative and innovative ways to maintain and increase sales, Reynolds said. The competition has been very progressive in its thinking and in defining some of these possible options.

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