People skating on frozen ponds ‘could fall through thin ice’

People were seen in the icy waters of England (Photo: PA/LNP)

People have been warned not to skate on frozen ponds and lakes due to the cold temperatures in the UK.

Police advised the public against entering the icy water after reports of people skating on the pond at Graves Park in Sheffield.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said on Saturday evening: Please note that this can be dangerous and you may fall through thin ice in some places.

We strongly recommend that you do not skate on the ponds.

All over England, other people were photographed enjoying the frozen water and gathering to play hockey.

Some have been seen skating in flooded retention ponds in the marshes near Ely, Cambridgeshire, to enjoy this unusual sight.

The last time the marsh froze was three years ago, in 2018, when the Eastern Beast hit the UK and skaters were able to spend a day on the ice.

People formed teams to play hockey on frozen and flooded fields near Ely in Cambridgeshire (Photo: PA)

Police warned some against skating in icy water (Photo: PA)

Others tried their luck on the icy waters of the Wimbledon system (Photo: LNP).

Temperatures are expected to rise on Monday (Photo: PA).

At the same time, others were seen in south-west London, keeping an eye on the frozen Rushmere Pond at Wimbledon Spring.

The UK froze this week as an arctic wind dropped temperatures to -23C in Aberdeenshire, making it the coldest night in 65 years.

February also saw record low temperatures in England and Wales. In Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, the temperature dropped to -15.3°C on Thursday night.

But before temperatures rise again, Britain will face black ice, dangerous icy conditions and gales of up to 80mph, according to the Met Office.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -8°C in Scotland and -5°C in England and Wales overnight, while today will be bitterly cold across much of the UK.

Rushmere Wimbledon Common pond was frozen over on Sunday (Photo: LNP).

Dr. Neil Featherstone of Cambridge plays hockey on a frozen marsh near Ely (photo: Jeff Robinson).

The latest floods on the Thames in Oxfordshire remain frozen after a cold snap (Picture: Rex)

Road closures are expected on Sunday in the north of the UK. The Met Office has issued a weather warning for most of Scotland, the north of England and the Midlands until 9pm.

A yellow weather warning was issued for gusts up to 80 mph and large waves in coastal areas of western Scotland and the east coast of Northern Ireland.

It’s getting very cold. Especially when there is freezing rain and ice combined with these high winds, said Meteorologist Luke Miall of the Met Office.

From Monday, temperatures in England will rise to 13 degrees Celsius – although it will remain quite wet and windy for most of the week.

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frequently asked questions

Is it safe to skate on a frozen lake?

General guidelines for 2 inches of ice thickness Ice is very fragile and it is not safe to walk on it. The thickness is 10 cm. It should be possible to stand on the ice, skate and fish. … Ice lubricants over 12 inches thick should be suitable for medium trucks.

Why is it dangerous to skate on thin ice?

By its very nature, the greatest danger in skating is falling on the ice, with the consequent risk of acute injuries such as fractures, abrasions and sprains. In a study of over 500 synchronized figure skaters [3], 42% of them suffered an acute injury at some point in their career, most of them injuring their limbs.

How thick does the ice need to be to be able to skate on it?

8 to 12 inches is required for conventional passenger cars. A minimum of 5 inches is recommended for snowmobiles. For those walking or fishing on the ice, the ice must be 10 inches thick to be safe.

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