Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg: Is midfielder Spurs’ most influential signing?

Heubjerg and Mourinho na Stad win Pierre-Emile Heubjerg moved from Southampton to Tottenham in August.

Beastly mode. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s tweet after Tottenham’s victory over Manchester City last month is a fair assessment of his debut for the North London club.

The midfielder is already a kind of iconic Spurs hero for all his actions, his blood-red performances and his fondness for celebrating tackles as a match winner.

The Danish international was instrumental in helping Jose Mourinho’s side reach the top of the Premier League and travel to Anfield to face defending champions Liverpool on Wednesday.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy added seven players to his squad in the final transfer window. The return of Gareth Bale, on loan from Real Madrid, made the headlines, but the biggest impact seems to have been the silent arrival of Hodgebjerg from Southampton.

The 25-year-old has played every minute of the Premier League this season, played more duels, won the ball, made more passes and had more touches than any of his teammates.

Physically he is very, very strong and technically much better than people think, said Mourinho last week, referring to the midfielder as captain without bracelet.

Sometimes people think that a technically good man is a man of restraint. Technically, a good guy is a guy who does something big. But those aren’t my words. Those are the words of the coaches from 30 or 40 years ago.

Simplicity is genius. And the man is so simple in everything he does with the ball.

He’s a phenomenal player. Congratulations, Mr. Swabbie.

A future coach who sucks?

Last summer Mourinho made no secret of the fact that he wanted to bring in a midfielder, and with Heubjerg he seems to add just that and more.

Tottenham has the best defensive record in the league with only two goals in their last seven games. Heubjerg and midfielder Moussa Sissoko are an important support for the rear quartet, which sometimes plays more like a six-piece team.

He has had a fantastic impact on the team, both on and off the field, very professional, says Eric Dier, who has taken over the position of the central defender since the arrival of Hoibjerg, to Sport.

He is an excellent model off the field and on the field, he has so many qualities with and without the ball.

He brought a lot of character and strength to the position. The same goes for Moussa – they do great work to make everyone else’s work easier.

Heubjerg Heubjerg is one of the most successful players in the Premier League in the 12th match week.

Heubjerg has made 35 strikes this season, making him fifth in the Premier League, and is one of six players who have beaten their team the most, 89 times.

Pierre is very smart – he reads the game very well, he understands the game very well, added Mourinho. I’m sure he’ll be a coach someday. He’s a pain in the ass. He always wonders why we do this and that.

On the field he reads the situation very, very well, and the people around him are very compact, and they read the game.

Heubjerg Architect ?

It is not surprising that a player who was guided by Pep Guardiola as a teenager knows how to use the ball effectively.

The midfielder, who joined FC Bayern at the age of 16, became the youngest player of the German Bundesliga champions at the age of 17 and 251 days and continued to play in the first team with Guardiola during his three years.

In Pep Confidential author Marty Perarnau writes that the current boss of Manchester City fell in love with Heubjerg after a few training sessions because he reads the game brilliantly and has an amazing ability to pass five players at once. Guardiola thought he’d found the Bayern Busquets.

This season at Tottenham Hotspur, Heubjerg has been involved in nine series of open play, leading his team to one goal – three more than any other player in the league – and creating a platform for players like Harry Kane and Son Heung-min to flourish.

Heubjerg dominated midfield not only with his rebounds and ball play, but also with more passes (870) than any other bard in the Manchester City Premier League (901).

Of these, 443 were made by the opponent – the sixth in terms of number of players – while Tottenham was third this season in terms of number of hits on the ball (1,027) in the English Premier League. Andrew Robertson (1.187) of Liverpool and Leeds United defender Luke Ayling (1.105) are the only players who have scored more goals.

Reinforcement of participation, ending with objective

According to an analysis by Carteret Analytics, which evaluates and assesses the player’s contribution to his team, Heubjerg is Spurs’ best midfielder in terms of game control.

Their research shows that it is particularly effective in producing positive results during the transition from game to game (from defense to attack), and that it is excellent for controlling the game in order to maintain the position in the game and increase the chances of an optimal result.

These characteristics are considered to be particularly effective in countering attacks and controlling the harbour master’s office.

Mainly in conversion channels

Heubjerg spent four seasons in Southampton and was captain of the Saints before publicly declaring his intention to leave the club at the end of last season.

This is not the first time he has taken the unpopular road to achieve what he believes is best for his career. He left Copenhagen for his rival Brondby at the age of 14, partly because he didn’t want to play as a striker, and moved to Germany three years later.

His move to Tottenham was greeted with skepticism by some Spurs fans when he saw Kyle Walker-Peters’ academic product take a different direction.

Former Premier League goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer says he is surprised at the enormous impact the Dane has had.

Heubjerg certainly played a major role in the transformation of Spurs, he told Radio 5 Live. He controls the midfield and gives more security to the four defenders.

He does a good job closing his position for the last four, he reads the game well. He’s one of those players I think you understand the difference he makes when he’s on your team, when you play with him.

Heubjerg’s role evolved under Mourinho. On average, he creates fewer opportunities than when he was at St. John’s. He’s a St. Mary’s player – 0.4 per game compared to 0.9 – but he increases his impact on defense and makes more passes.

He has given 2.9 passes per game this season for Spurs in the Premier League, compared to an average of 2.5 for Southampton. His average turnout per match rose from 60.7 to 72.5 and his passing accuracy from 82.71% to 88.85%.

We’re starting to learn more about him with the Spurs, Schwarzer added. He’s been in the spotlight in Southampton, so I’m surprised how well he’s done this season.

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