Watch Netflix in Denmark & Access Full US Netflix Library

Watch Netflix in Denmark & Access Full US Netflix Library

Netflix is the top media network in the world today. With almost 30 million subscribers across the world, Netflix offers the ultimate binge-watching experience to its subscribers. What started as a DVD delivery service is now the world’s online home for entertainment and binge-watching.

Netflix consist of around 100,000 movies and TV shows in its library, ranging from horror and sci-fi to comedy and action. And now that Netflix has expanded its operations in 190 countries, including Denmark, netizens can watch Netflix in Denmark all they want. However, there is a catch!

Ultimate Entertainment But Limited Library

You may watch Netflix in Denmark, but the complete library of Netflix will not be available to you. Sad as it is, but numerous titles don’t make it to the Netflix Denmark library. This difference is quite staggering when you compare it to US Netflix. Here is a statistical comparison of the library from both the regions:

By comparison, Netflix Denmark is deprived 806 TV Shows and 2804 movies. If you’re subscribed to Netflix in Denmark, then you’re missing out on some of the most spectacular shows offered by Netflix. But wait, how do you access US Netflix in Denmark?

Watch US Netflix in Denmark with A VPN

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a tool that enables you to unblock all your favorite media networks and websites without any difficulties.  Similarly, you access full US Netflix library using a VPN. Simply, connect to a server that’s based in the U.S, and  watch US Netflix in Denmark with all the shows and movies of your choice.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • Ivacy
  • Cyberghost

Why Netflix Is Superior Than YouSee

Netflix knocks out YouSee out of the ring with minimal to zero efforts. YouSee maybe the top provider in Denmark, but the arrival of Netflix in Denmark is nothing less than its own cremation. Unlike YouSee, Netflix Denmark offers you hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows within a matter of a single click, while YouSee offers numerous channels without the “on-demand” capability.

Even though the U.S library holds the top position when it comes to diversity in library, you can still watch USA Netflix in Denmark with VPN software. Also, by using VPN s, you can select the location of the server of your choice and view Netflix of any region you like.

And when it comes to your wallet, Netflix offers you a premium package with a price tag of 89 Kroner monthly, whereas even the basic package of YouSee is  around 180 kroner with just 10 channels. So, that’s a saving of 91 kroner right there. Netflix Denmark also offers you all your favorite shows in High-Definition, so you have the best binge-watch session you can ask for.

Which Devices Can I Use to Watch Netflix

Netflix has its applications available on PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Google Chromecast, and various other devices. Plus, the VPNs we have listed above also have their apps and software available on all the devices Netflix is available on.

Not only handheld devices, you can watch Netflix on your Smart TV, as Netflix has a built-in app in the latest and upcoming Smart TVs. And if you want to watch US Netflix in Denmark, then all you have to do is to hook one of the suggest VPNs above in a Wi-Fi router, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

The difference between Netflix U.S and Netflix Denmark is appalling. By using our guide and the VPNs listed above, you can watch US Netflix in Denmark within a matter of mere minutes. Plus, with a VPN, you’re buffering-time will be at a blazing-fast speed.

Not just US Netflix, a VPN will enable you to watch all libraries of Netflix in Denmark. The illustrious spread of servers allows you to access Netflix of any region and binge watch any show at any time on Netflix.  Moreover, you can watch US Netflix in Denmark on your smart-phone by simply installing the application of one of the VPN’s listed above.


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