The Year People Needed Carnival the Most, It Was Canceled

Lovers who dedicated themselves to what they missed during the year needed the carnival more than anything.

Humming music. Sparkling costumes. And perhaps most importantly, a sense of freedom.

After a year of racial recognition, the carnival celebration that brought much-needed relief to many vacationers from London to New York, Toronto and beyond was cancelled.

The loss of carnival goes beyond costumes, music, liming [communication] and physical contact, says Ingrid Persaud, a writer born in Trinidad and Tobago and living in Britain.

Future carnival goers said they missed the tumult, the roast and pepper, the singing in the streets and the coming together.

In the words of singer Justine Skye, who usually participates in the Caribbean Day parade in Brooklyn : Honestly, it’s the one time of year when I feel like anything can happen, no matter the shape, size or color, you come together and drop everything and feel so confident. Here’s what other carnival participants missed because of the pandemic.

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The carnival rebuilds the streets. Carnival is about doing everything you’re not supposed to do. Carnival is a joy, it is a celebration. Carnival is necessary in my opinion, it is an outlet and a good excuse for a small geographical community to come together. – Sam Alexander, 54, director of Brazilian group Baque de Axe, London.

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People have streets, you party in the street, you drink in the street, you are angry, this is the only time you can walk in the middle of the street, you can jump in the middle of the street, you can choose to sit in the middle of the street. I miss that freedom and the ability for people to forget everything for the day. – Hassan de Four, 43, chef and restaurateur, London.

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It’s obvious they’re human, you can’t fake that. It is a meeting place, people come together even though they have not seen each other for years. You always meet old friends from school, work, family. I miss seeing people, talking, getting hugs and high-fives, and dancing in the streets. I miss the smiles on people’s faces, that’s what I miss. – Keith Franklin, 60, DJ, London.

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Being on that path, with the music on, and really losing yourself in that moment, among other people pursuing that same feeling. Strangers around you – on this day you are friends, singing the same words of a song and dancing. – Vann Estrada, 34, human development consultant, New York.

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It’s the people, the flavors, the show. It’s like an experience for each of your senses. An incomparable sensory experience. Everything is awake, from the sound of the people, to the music, to the way they dress, to the way they gather, to the food. It is an extraordinary experience. When all this happens in such a small space, I miss it. – Nalo Lewis, 42, school administrator, New York City.

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To me it’s just a wonderful event where you see people of all ages, backgrounds and genders having fun, smiling and enjoying themselves. It makes everyday life a little different and brings so much joy, not only for the weekend, but also for the people who collect and share their memories and impressions of the carnival in the weeks that follow. – Matthew Phillip, 48, executive director of the Notting Hill Carnival, London.

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Caribana was my first carnival experience. Carnival has always been a safe place for me. Honestly, it was hard. I never realized that my ability to be present depended on my ability to escape. It means a lot to me. Whether my first carnival is in Caribana, Jamaica or on another island, I’m sure I’ll be crying as soon as I step off the plane. I know I’m going to cry the first time I put on my suit, my feathers and jewelry, because it’s been a long time. – Cherise Rodney, medical assistant, Toronto.

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Carnival is so important to me because it allows us to continue to celebrate the hardships, sacrifices and achievements of our ancestors. It all started in the Caribbean with the emancipation of slavery. I think it is very, very important for us to recognize this and to preserve the heritage because it opens the way for our development, for our future. – Allison Williams, 73, co-founder of the Genesis Group and board member of the Notting Hill Carnival, London.

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frequently asked questions

Has Carnival cancelled all cruises for 2020?

Carnival Cruise Line cancels all cruises for 2020. The current list of cancelled Carnival cruises includes sailings from all US home ports through December 2020. In addition to Carnival Cruise Line, other Carnival Corporation brands are involved in the cancelled cruises.

Has Carnival cancelled all cruises for 2021?

The Carnival Magic will not return to service until November 2021, once the dry-docking projects are completed. Photo: NAN728/

What happens if Carnival cancels my cruise?

5, 2021. Passengers of a cancelled trip may receive a full refund or a credit for future trips equal to 125% of the amount paid for the cancelled trip. Those who choose to use the credit must do so within 15 months of the original date of travel.

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