Seven NXT Stars We Want To See In WWE’s Royal Rumble 2021

The Royal Rumble is one of the biggest and most interesting pay shows of the year, second only to WrestleMania to be honest, and one of the reasons is that fans never know what to expect. The current Superstars flood the ring one by one until 30 competitors enter the ring, although as we know, some of these spots are awarded to unexpected and unforeseen stars that usually turn out to be a mix of WWE legends, surprise guest appearances and NXT stars. Some of the NXT appearances were the most entertaining and we have a few NXT stars that we hope to see before the end of the event and that you can see from the next slide.

The pay-per-view has drawn a clear line between Raw, SmackDown and NXT lately, as last year during Survivor Series NXT was removed from the equation, making the event much less important. Hopefully this trend will not continue at the Royal Rumble, and we have a list of people we think will benefit from their appearance or just entertain the television when they show up.

Here is the full report of the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches.

Participating in the Women’s Royal Rumble are Nia Jax, Bailey, Peyton Royce, Shayna Bassler, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Behler, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Liv Morgan, Ruby Ritt, Tamina and 18 unexpected stars.

The men’s Royal Rumble will feature Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Dolph Ziegler, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Mustafa Ali, Otis, Sheamus, Jay Uso, Miz, Bobby Lashley, John Morrison, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Big E, Brown Strowman and 12 unexpected stars.

Of course, we will also see some legends in the mix, although the pool is a little less saturated than in previous years, as several legends have passed on to AEW. Jake The Snake, DDP, Arn Anderson and Sting are a few names that have played there. So don’t expect them to perform this year as they have in the past.

Click on the next slide to see the NXT stars we hope to see coming. And as always, feel free to tell me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB about anything related to WWE and NXT!

Rhea Ripley.

(Photo: NXT)

That’s obvious, or at least it should be. Rhea Ripley has reached the natural end point of her race in the NXT, and while you can certainly send her into another fight if you want to send her to Raw or SmackDown, an appearance in the Royal Rumble is the perfect way to start this race and build momentum from start to finish.

The best part is, you don’t need her to win. She just needs to make a big impression and date people before her time in the ring is up, and it needs to be more than just a gimmick. You can then have her start a fight with Charlotte the next night on Raw, which will be the perfect means for her to get the victory she never should have lost in the first place and give herself a shot at the title.


Adam Cole

(Photo: WWE)

This one also makes no sense, especially since Daniel Bryan is also in the Royal Rumble. Cole faced Bryan in an incredible match during the NXT invasion in SmackDown, and it would have been cool to see the two play against each other again at the Rumble. Not to mention that it would have been cool to see Cole take on stars like Mustafa Ali, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, John Morrison and many others.

This match between Styles and Morrison could be epic as we consider mixing their styles, so let’s hope that happens.


Schotzi Black

(Photo: WWE NXT)

Few people have been as feared by fans over the past year as Scotzie Blackheart, and her outstanding Havoc performance for Halloween and subsequent matches has only reinforced that status. Therefore, an appearance at the Royal Rumble would be the perfect start to 2021 for the NXT star, especially if she can score a few eliminations before the end of her playing time.

Her look immediately sets her apart from many other stars, and who wouldn’t want to see her tank down on the ramp. It would also be fun to see her compete against Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Charlotte Flair, which probably won’t happen for now because she considers the NXT Championship very important to her future.


Bronson Reed.

(Photo: NXT)

Bronson Reed has proven to be an unstoppable force in the ring since his return late last year, and it would be great to see him on the Royal Rumble stage, even if it’s not for long. Reed is an athletic and agile henchman, and there are several other male Royal Rumble stars that he would do well against.

Stars like Sheamus, Otis and Bobby Lashley have been announced for Rumble, and Keith Lee will likely be there as well. All of these guys have a unique combination of strength and speed, and seeing how they hold up to Reed will only raise his stock and put those skills on a bigger platform to help him keep his momentum going all year long.


Raquel Gonzalez

(Photo: WWE NXT)

Speaking of power, few are as dangerous as Raquel Gonzalez, and the star is in the midst of a crisis right now. She defeated Rhea Ripley in a brutal New Year’s Evil match to start the year, and a place in the Royal Rumble will only serve to keep that momentum going and possibly give us another match if they both end up in the Rumble.

But in the absence of Ripley, there is no shortage of compelling opponents. We would love to see Gonzalez take on Nia Jax, Bianca Belair, Tamina, Charlotte Flair and Shayna Bassler, especially since 3 of the 4 have ties to NXT. Another dream scenario is a showdown between Beth Phoenix and Gonzalez, but we’ll have to wait and see if Phoenix or Gonzalez end up making their appearance.


Cameron Grimes

(Photo: WWE)

Every Royal Rumble has a few comedy spots, and while those are usually left to the legends, you might be amused when Cameron Grimes makes the cut. Grimes can certainly get into the ring, and his combination of power and speed fits in well with some of the other stars already confirmed for the Rumble.

Yet it is Grimes’ entertainment value that has attracted the most attention lately, as his supernatural nature makes almost every sequence about him comic gold. His catchphrases and unpredictable personality will be the perfect foil for stars like Cesaro, Sami Zayn, The Miz, Big E and many others, and one can imagine that his special segment could steal the spotlight from him.



Indy Hartwell.

(Photo: NXT)

The Royal Rumble is a great opportunity to showcase one or two talents that haven’t been highlighted as much, and although Indi Hartwell has been a mainstay of NXT lately in Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae’s group, she could use an even bigger platform to showcase her talents and what she can do in the ring. And if she can knock out one or two stars, it would only give her more chances to make promos in NXT week after week.

Hartwell will be a great contrast to superstars like Bianca Belair, Mandy Rose, Peyton Royce, Ruby Riot and Alexa Bliss, and these competitions will give him the opportunity to showcase his blend of athleticism and strength far from the list of top teams. She will then be able to run with it in NXT and add the damage she did at the Rumble to her resume, and if the fan reaction is good, it could help her prepare well for 2021.


Frequently asked questions

Who will be in the Royal Rumble in 2021?

2021 Royal Rumble. WWE Championship. Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens (Last Man Standing): Reigns faced WWE official Adam Pierce, a former five-time NWA champion who booked a match between Kevin Owens and Jay Uso after Reigns defeated Owens in two games for the World Championship.

Who won the Royal Rumble in 2021?

Royal Rumble 2021: Edge defeats No. 1, Roman Reigns retains universal championship – Sports News

Where is the Royal Rumble of 2021?

The Royal Tumult 2021

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