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CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow has joined a club no one wants to be a member of.

When he turned himself in on the 22nd. November was marked by a left knee injury that ended the season. The top pick overall in the NFL Draft 2020 was the last quarterback to tear several knee ligaments. Burrow tore the ACL and left LCM and suffered partial tearing of the PCL and meniscus, sources told ESPN.

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The Bengal have announced that Burrow will play in 2nd place. December was a successful month and a full recovery is expected. But the length of this recovery is the tricky part.

While people scratch their heads about what he’s going through, there are things that have been surgically corrected, said Stephania Bell, trauma analyst for ESPN. There may also be things that have not been surgically corrected. And all that tissue needs to heal.

Burrows surgeon Dr. Neil El-Attrash told the podcast Adam Schefter that rookie Saquon Barkley and San Francisco 49ers defender Nick Bosa are among the New York Giants players expected at the start of the 2021 season.

These guys are doing very well right now, ElAttrash says. It’s still early. I think the guys we’ve saved so far this year with knee injuries are still rookies next year.

However, it all depends on Burrow’s rehabilitation process in the coming months. Bell argued that due to the nature of Burrows’ injury, the process must begin slowly to heal all the damaged tissue in his knee before he can accelerate his return to the field.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Operationstands behind Joe Barrow, who now has to recover from a long recovery to return to the field in 2021. Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports

Ultimately, things are expected to slow down in the first few months, Bell said. That doesn’t mean you can’t fix it in the next few months. And that’s why the timeline is really hard to pin down.

Although the physical aspect is an obvious part of the rehabilitation process, Mr Bell stated that the mental component should not be overlooked.

I think these contact wounds make the boys really nervous in the sack, and that’s understandable, Bell said. It’s something they have to overcome.

But what will Burrow look like when he gets back? Here are some other quarterbacks who have sustained similar injuries.

Carson Palmer, Bengal

Trauma: Palmer, like Burrow, who also wore the number 9, was immediately hit in the knee and tore his ACL and MCL, as well as a meniscus injury in a 2006 AFC Wild Card game against the Steelers. Bell said Palmer’s injury is very similar to Burrow’s. Palmer’s surgeon told The Associated Press at the time that the injury was devastating and could end his career.

Catering: Palmer underwent a reconstructive operation in January 2006 and was able to play again at the beginning of the preseason 2006.

How he dealt with the situation: Palmer hasn’t suffered any serious damage to his career since his injury. In fact, he broke the then record of 4,035 yards in 2006 (and surpassed it by 4,131 yards in 2007) and earned his second Pro Bowl selection. After this injury he played for 12 years, of which he played at least 15 games.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer played another 12 years after he suffered a serious knee injury in 2006. Mark Duncan/AP Photo

Trauma: Wentz recovered after diving for a touchdown that was scored in the game’s 10th game. December 2017 recalled against Rams. Initial reports indicate that Wentz tore his front cruciate ligament (ACL). However, Wentz later revealed that he had also torn his LCL.

Catering: Wentz wanted to come back in time for the start of the 2018 season. Although he apparently anticipates the rehabilitation process, Wentz missed the first two races in Philadelphia as the team remained cautious with his franchise quarterback.

How he dealt with the situation: Wentz passed 3,074 yards with 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 11 games in 2018. He injured his back in December and missed the last three regular season games and two playoff games. In 2020 Wentz lost the starting line-up to rookie Jaylen Hurts after the start of the first 12 races. It is unclear how Wentz’s cumulative injuries have affected his performance, but at the age of 27 he has the potential to no longer be the same player who earned a 2017 Pro Bowl nomination prior to his knee injury.

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Trauma: During the final practice session for the 2016 season, Bridgewater, the then 23-year-old starting quarterback from Minnesota Viking, tore his anterior cruciate ligaments and dislocated his patella, a contactless injury. Bridgewater collapsed after stabbing his foot during the exercise. His surgeon, Dan Cooper, told ESPN in 2018 that it was a terribly grotesque injury and that the whole knee was mutilated. It’s almost like a war wound, Cooper said. It’s all blown up.

Catering: Bridgewater missed the whole year 2016 and needed almost 15 months of recovery before work could resume in October 2017. Viking coach Mike Zimmer later told reporters that the medical staff’s prognosis was not as positive as Zimmer’s. Cooper said the operation was a real test, and Bridgewater’s return to the field is proof of the quarterback’s character. Most people have no idea how much work this child has had to do, says Cooper. He had a toothpick with one leg to repair.

How he dealt with the situation: Bridgewater played a game with the Vikings in 2017 and then spent two seasons as a replacement for the Saints from 2018 to 19 years. He finally found a starting job last season when he signed a three-year, $63 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. The 28-year-old is ready to surpass his 2015 Pro Bowl season. Bridgewater makes 70.7% of its passes and throws 3,102 meters.

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