Sources — Philadelphia Eagles intend to keep Carson Wentz, still believe in struggling QB

Philadelphia Eagles newcomer Jaylen Hearts will make his first NFL appearance on Sunday, but team sources told ESPN that the Eagles’ intention remains on keeping Carson Wenz and making him a pillar of their team.

Despite his struggles throughout the season, the Eagles still believe in Ventz, who is 27 years old as a player and as a man, and they believe he could return as the excellent quarterback he once was, according to the team’s sources.

None of this changes the fact that Carson, one of the sources of the team, insisted on ESPN this weekend.

Player and team sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that they think the transition to Hurts could take place before the end of the season.

Philadelphia doesn’t know what the future holds for Wenz. But in a way the eagles decide with the organization of the near future of Vienna.

The eagles have to make a decision for the second day of the 2021 championship – sometime in mid-March, because on the third day of the championship, Wienz’s basic salary of $22 million for 2022 is fully guaranteed and he will receive a $10 million bonus, which he received in 2021.


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Eagles can cut the crown and place it after 1. June press release. In this case, they still owe him a salary of $25.4 million – $15.4 million in basic salary and $10 million in bonus funds. The total amount of the Vienna cap will be $59.21 million, but if it is sold after 1. In June the Eagles get permission to distribute the hat within two years.

Philadelphia can also trade Wenz – and if the Eagles close the deal for the third day of the 2021 Championship, they don’t owe him $10 million, and the team that buys him takes over $25.4 million in pay.

The Eagles are then expected to pay $33.82 million in salary costs – $9.27 million in signing bonuses and another $24.55 million in guaranteed funds between 2022 and 2024. They could use the name after the name. Do not use the month of June in the transaction for the distribution of the limit fee. An NFL manager told ESPN last week that the best of these scenarios could be to trade Wentz and use accelerated guarantees.

Despite the fact that the Wentz Eagles have made room, the organization still stands behind him, as we saw last week when team leaders Fletcher Cox and Jason Kels publicly expressed their support.

Eagle owner Jeffrey Lurie is not the second coach of Doug Pederson to change the point of illness, according to Mortensen sources. Lurie’s approach is that he fully supports his coach and will not interfere with seasonal decisions, according to some sources.

Philadelphia (3-8-1) had suffered four straight losses and finished third in an NFC game against the New Orleans Saints on Easter Sunday.

It was the worst season of Wenz’s career. In the general ranking № 2 in the 2016 project. The NFL ranked first for interceptions (15) and sacks (46), 31st for completions (58.1%) and 30th for yards per attempt (6.02).

In the first 11 games, Hurts played 33 snaps that were lined up throughout the formation, mostly as a gadget player. Now that more and more calls for more shots have been heard in recent weeks, the former Oklahoma star has increased the number of rehearsals in the first team for the 12th minute. Philadelphia game week against Philadelphia. Last Sunday, he replaced Wenz against Green Bay from the bank.

Tim McManus of ESPN contributed to this report.

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