Spurs’ dynamic duo of Son, Kane give Mourinho an old-school style

Burnley, England — Tottenham Hotspur is a tough team to define under Jose Mourinho – fierce game in one, defensive – naive in the other, and when it comes to Gareth Bale and Dele Alli now, there are more questions than answers.

But there is certainty about the tracks, and it is an enduring skill when Sung Heung Min and Harry Kane act when Mourigno’s party needs a target.

While Monday’s trip to Burnley seemed like a stark 0-0 draw, Kane-Son Tottenham’s double helped win 1-0 and extend their 100 percent return home with five straight wins this season.

The Spurs scored 16 goals in four trips before going to Thurf Moor, scored six goals for Manchester United and missed five behind Southampton in the race, but the 76-minute headline from Sleep was enough to win the race, putting Burnley in the top three with just one point from five races.

Again the goal was scored with the help of Kane, and the English captain went to Eric Lamela’s corner to bring Sleep back from six metres.

It’s the 13th. Premier League goals between Kane and his son in six games this season.

Sonny and I have had a good partnership recently and we hope this will continue, Kane said after the race. It wasn’t a big help, but for Sonny it went well, and the 1-0 victory over Burnley – a fantastic result.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The collaboration between Sung Heung Min and Harry Kane continues with the delivery of the film to Tottenham JASON CAIRNDUFF/POOL/AFP via Getty Images.

He was Kane’s eighth assistant this season – twice his closest rival, Aston Villa’s John McGinn – and it was the 29th time the team was in the running. It was the first time he and his son scored a Premier League goal together. Only Frank Lampar and Didier Drogba have better chances in Premier League history, and the former Chelsea duo scored 36 goals in their time together at Stamford Bridge.

Many of those goals would have hit Mourinho in his first spell at Chelsea, so the boss of Spurs would know the value of having two attacking players in his team, who always seem to know where the other is when the goal is in sight.

Lampard and Drogba helped Mourinho Chelsea win it all in England. If the tracks can be as dominant as this side of Chelsea, but with Kane and the son at his side, Mourinho knows they will at least be competitive.

And in a rare expression of generosity, Murillo thanked his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino for laying the first stone of the partnership with Son Cain.

This agreement dates back to the time of Maurigno, according to Mourinho. I don’t want all this honor myself, let’s share it with Maurizio. They’ve been playing together for a long time, maybe because Harry isn’t always number 9.

What I like most about them is that they are the two best players, but good friends, without jealousy, both play for the team. Praise them, two big players, two big boys.

The modern game has separated itself from the old kick-off pairs. Coaches prefer to operate with a flexible triple front rather than with two strikers dominating the attacking third.

But if two attackers get along, they can be destructive and not stopped. Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton – nicknamed SAS – scored 49 goals when Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League title in 1994-95, while Dwight York and Andy Cole scored 53 goals in partnership to support Manchester United in the Treble in 1998-99.

Kane and Son are good enough to darken the talents of Sutton and Shearer and York and Cole, because they offer very different qualities.

The son has speed, exceptional movement and impeccable workmanship, while Kane is strong, powerful in the air and capable of scoring up close and far.

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Keeping them in good shape, especially Kane, is a challenge that Mourinho has to face, but if one of the players gets injured, the tracks can at least rely on balls and maybe even allies to fill in the gaps.

Since his return from Real Madrid last month, Bale has only spent 18 minutes in the Premier League and every 90 minutes on the Bernley bench.

With 31 years of age and a clear fit, Bale is currently carefully managed. So one day he will come to the party and be a confirmed goalkeeper when he is in good shape and ready to play.

The same goes for Alli, but nowhere can it be seen at Thurf Moor, where a former English player is eliminated again by Mourinho. Mourinho said this weekend that it was him, not me, when he was asked about Alli’s repeated errors this season, and he added that if a player is not motivated, there is not much we can do about it.

Ally is too good a player to be sidelined for too long, but now he has to sit outside and look inside while Kane and Son are at the height of their playing career.

And as long as it lasts, the tracks will be in the top four at least this season.

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