Games Inbox: Is the PS5 DualSense the best controller ever?

DualSense PS5 control

DualSense – have you ever tried it? (tip : Sony)

Friday’s mailbox questions the success of Demon Souls on PS5, where a reader recommends further interaction.

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The PlayStation is under
. As a Brit who lives in Australia, I don’t want to show off too much, but I now have the PlayStation 5, and I have to say I’m really impressed. I brought Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the souls of demons, and so far I see no reason to doubt what the GC has said about them. New York City is fantastic in Spider-Man, and the graphics of the demon’s soul are simply stunning, so detailed and atmospheric.

Although I’ve had less than an hour with both now, I can’t go into detail, but what also impressed me was the DualSense. There is a small demo version that is played before Astro’s Playroom starts, and it’s pretty amazing if you understand what adaptive triggers do. I see some people make them sound like a ruse, but I think they’re a great idea, and I bet Microsoft will copy them as soon as they get the chance.

The design of the controller is also good, the positioning with the buttons is good, and although the sticks seem to need to be moved, I have to say that the controller is probably the most beautiful gamepad I have ever seen. I do not sell based on the design of the console, but DualSense is beautiful. We’ll all need more time to make a decision, but I think he could end up being a better controller.

Thinking about what counts as
Of course the Xbox S and X-series have become independent and now they realize that their new owner is trying to insert a copy of Crackdown 3.

There are rumors that PlayStation 5 will do the same if it discovers that a crack has been made.

Seriously, my manager surprised me today with a gift certificate. Since the closure, my company has stopped paying bonuses. Instead, I got a coupon for a local technology store where I could just buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X with the rest of the customisation to play.

I’m in Canada (PlayStation 5 came out today), unfortunately it is impossible to find any of the consoles. The fact that my region, which is one of the most Kovid-affected regions of the country, is under lock and key does not help.
Commodor fan
PS : Stay safe, GC and everyone else, we are (hopefully) almost at the finish line where KOVID-19 will be a distant memory in the near future.

The biggest difficulty of
, which I mentioned yesterday in the subway, was a guilt game that demonic souls never clicked with me, although I did try a few times. Is my question in terms of sales a bestseller or a niche title? The way everyone I know played. It will be interesting to see how it is sold as the starting name for the PlayStation 5.

HONG KONG: Demon souls have never been big sellers and have hardly ever been released in the West. Dark Souls was a great success, but sold more than 27 million copies of all suites and versions. It is clear that there is appetite for the formula if it sells well.

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Hidden gemstones
to Dan, who was looking for suggestions for cooperation, I can recommend the following: Trine 1 to 4 (fantasy world puzzle platform), ibb & obb (charming and exciting gravity platform), The Takeover (once you complete Rage Street 4) and Behaviour together (fun and challenging movement puzzles).

Everything is sold in large quantities, so you don’t pay the full price. I’ve also heard that knights and motorcycles are good, but I haven’t found out yet. Super Mario Maker 2 has a full collaboration, as do New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and Super Mario 3D World (released in February). Have fun!
Tim F

HONG KONG: These are interesting options, we have never heard of ibb & obb or Behavior together. We can confirm that the Knights and the Bikes are very good.

My Xbox Series X has arrived (one day late – another angry Amazon customer who was told he would be with me on Monday… while he was gone), and this is without a doubt the strangest launch ever. The fact that even the user interface remains the same gives him the feeling that he has a new mobile phone and only notices the progressive update. It could have been the Xbox One X2, as irve77 said yesterday.

What’s under the hood is of course a different story. A quick summary is an incredible feature, as is a significantly shorter download time. As husband and father, improving the quality of life was one of the things I looked forward to and enjoyed; now this generation is here. Well, there should also be a pass for the game until September 2023, after EA Play goes live.

One of the problems I had on my first day so far was the right trigger, which got stuck for half a second when I was completely depressed. HC or someone else had this problem? Maybe I was too fast to try to speed up the Rocket League.

I’m looking forward to PlayStation 5. The games and the startup window rule are fantastic, and I can’t wait to learn everything on these pages!

HONG KONG: This is the first time we’ve ever heard of a problem.

Next-Gen Mashup
The arrival of a new generation of games is an exciting time for fans. Not only the increase in graphics and computing power, but also the provision of information via impressive SSDs and the brand new service to Xbox subscribers. All these things can be transformative.

With both hardware formats, I’m looking forward to the developers mastering the turbo pump, which is an SSD, and that’s what gets me thinking about how it can expand the game’s programming. I understand that things like textures and 3D modelling can be thrown up at will, but can the game convey its full gameplay style in the blink of an eye?

For example, a GTA game that can separate from street driving in a full underground parking simulator, where you have incredible control over the configuration of the car (and I’m not talking about a few menu options, a full subgame) or Skyrim, where you go from swinging an axe to creating in a forge, which requires some skill, or a crazy sports game wrapped up in the Fantasy epic?

If you can download 5 GB per second… How many really great Nintendo games have you received?
Money, I know if that’s the key, but in big budget games that really swell for money, is that an opportunity, or does the way the machines work mean they can’t run like that?

I’d like to see him.

HONG KONG: None of these examples requires fast loading, you just describe two separate sets of game mechanisms in the same game. Twenty-three years ago, Final Fantasy 7 offered a crazy sports competition.

Connected synesthesiaI decided to use the Tetris effect: We connected the attempt because it was included in the Xbox Game Pass.

Last year I read all the rave reviews about the VR version (which I’d like to try now), but I simply pushed them aside because I thought it was just Tetris.

I played with the lights off and the headphones on, and I can honestly say that this experience gives me goose bumps (nice view!).

The music and visual effects are exciting, but when the rumble came on time, it brought the biggest smile on my face. All these experiences are fun and unique to the games.

How great it would be if this game took full advantage of the tactile feedback from the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller! I hope the developer will do this when they release the Connected update on the Sony console.

Download the newest gene
Some tips, GC or read how I got confused.

Install the Xbox Series X on your OLED TV and connect the external hard drive I used for the Xbox One X. After clicking Red Dead Redemption 2 I thought I had to move it. I don’t think so. The game started immediately, went online, without any real improvement in loading time, but the game was a noticeable improvement over what it was before. The graphics were lighter, the colours were much deeper, and the game worked easier than ever before.

I updated Call of Duty: Varzona. Expansion of the Xbox series by 23 GB. It’s the same on the outside.

The game looked and went great.

What do I get if I play my Xbox One games right next door?

4K 60 frames per second?

I understand that the main reason for selling the next generation was to get rid of the long charge and the ability to quickly switch between games, but if the player agrees, will I get a better resolution and frame rate for backward compatible games given the current price of SSD expansion cards?

I understand that, as I learned in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, all new games will only come on the domestic market at the beginning.

HONG KONG: We’re not sure we understand the question. It is the SSD that enables fast start-up times. So, if a game is not saved where it is, it will not start faster than normal, although it can take advantage of other Xbox series improvements.

The next generation is
, which I just wanted to share about a game I haven’t seen GC write about yet. It is still in an early stage of development and is designed for AEW (All Elite Wrestling) elite wrestling. Your YouTube channel has been announced.

It was developed by Yuk and has the same director as No Mercy on N64 – Hideyuki Iwashita, alias Geta. So it is clear that there is a talent for causing a traffic jam during a wrestling match. I hope they’re not overwhelmed by micro transmissions.

If you’ve never heard of European Water Week, it’s probably because it started in 2019. I’d say it’s worth checking to see if you haven’t seen a struggle in a while.
Handsome Dan Wolfhead.

HONG KONG: It’s not exactly our area of expertise, but we’ll find someone who knows more about these things.

Discover all the previous games received here.

The return of Dead
Left 4 Dead 2 will officially take place in five days, and since we have not seen confirmation of the third Left 4 Dead game, you really wonder if Valve can take the alternative route and transfer it to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and PC, and add new campaigns and you can play the campaigns of Left 4 Dead 1 in relation to the characters of Left 4 Dead 2, or vice versa.

For the first time they were able to add a team of eight people instead of the usual four in cooperative mode, increasing the number of infected and specially infected people in campaign modes such as fighting against two tanks instead of one or more specially infected at the same time to make the game more complex.

Since Left 4 Dead 2 still works well, Valve should have made a next-generation console version of this game with updates, as well as a PC version, and it would have been good for Valve to keep Left 4 Dead 2 fresh and save them some time in the development of the third game. Left 4 Dead 2 may soon be 11 years old, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be upgraded or remastered for Xbox series consoles.

I’m sure PC owners will not object to the new campaigns and updates. Since it seems that Left 4 Dead 3 will never be released, it would obviously be better for the fans, rather than endlessly waiting for a new game in the series.
seems rotten (Gamertag)

HONG KONG: Why is Valve only doing this for the Xbox? Anyway, Back 4 Blood from the original creators of Turtle Rock Studios should be as good as the official sequel.

Inbox also-rans
I played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on my Xbox Series X and it sounds fantastic. In some scenes, the jaw drops. After what you’ve seen, are there any other games that are more graphically impressive than those you’ve seen on Xbox? (if they’re even better on the GamePass).

HONG KONG: It’s probably the best new game ever, yeah. Although we expected Devil May Cry 5 to be as beautiful as the PlayStation 5 version and we haven’t seen the Watch Dogs update yet: The Legion does. There are many Xbox One games that are very well cleaned up for fun, but for example Forza Horizon 4, Ori and Will of the Sages and Gears 5.

Yippee! My DualSense controller and copies of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Sackboy: The great adventure for PlayStation 5 arrived early this morning. I look forward to delivering the console next week. When I was 39, it’s normal that everything is just like Christmas, and I walked around the house for about three minutes when the package arrived today!
Tinkanmeori (PSN ID)

HONG KONG: We’d think less of you if you didn’t.

Well, GC, I have a DualSense controller that looks great in my hands; my Pulse 3D helmet that looks great; and Planet-Coster-Man and Spider-Man: Moral Miles Ultimate Edition. I just wanted to ask if anyone could lend me the PlayStation 5 so I could play it. It’s only a week, but seven days. Thanks, Sony, you made me beg.

I really liked your review of Demon Souls – another stylish remake of the sound. But since you don’t count remakes in your 20th year, will you change the rules for his year?

HONG KONG: We discussed it ourselves, not because of the devilish souls, but because of the new edition of the last Fantasy 7. It’s a fundamentally different game from the original, but we don’t know whether we should abide by our strict rule of not reissuing, whether we should only make exceptions, or whether we should abandon the restriction altogether. We tend to make an exception, but all ideas are welcome.

This week the hot iron is
. With the release of the X and S Inbound series on Xbox this week, the question is simple. Do you get it? If not, why not?

If you have already done so, what are your first impressions and are you satisfied that it meets your expectations? You also get the PlayStation 5, and if not, why did you choose one over the other?

What do you think are the main features of the new console and which games do you play or want to play? Don’t forget to mark your email as a news topic and not as a normal mailbox.

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