Florida Gators New SEC Title Championship Gear, Ranked


The Florida Gators added to their SEC lore recently, capturing the East title. In turn, given it’s close to the holidays, it’s time to take a gander at the new Florida Gators SEC title championship gear.

Rather than bogging down with unneeded word vomit, let’s get this party properly started with some Florida Gators goodness.

SEC Championship Shirt

Cooler than the pillow on the opposite side, this is a rather simple entry on this list. While there’s plenty of variety out there, this is the easier, most surefire way to appease the Florida fan in your house.

With Christmas around the corner, you likely don’t want to take risks shopping. Keeping it simple with this Florida Gators SEC title shirt is a safe bet.

Chomp! Chomp!

Is that a noise a gator makes?

Florida Gators SEC title championship gear

Florida Gators Slippers

Who doesn’t enjoy a pair of fine slippers? Moreover, comfertable footwear that also represents your favorite team? That’s what people in the business — whatever business that is — calls a win-win, kids.

For someone like me who has rather old hardwood flooring, this is a must-have. It’ll help me navigate old hardwood floor pitfalls.

Also, you know, they look pretty gosh darn cool. Finally as a reminder, I don’t care what alleged societal norms claim. Wearing socks with slippers is perfectly fine.

There. I said it. Someone had to. Stupid sock oppressors!

Gators SEC title championship gear

2021 Wall Calendar 

2020 has been an absolute disaster. Well, save for the Florida Gators winning the SEC title.

After that, man, this has been a less than ideal year.

On the bright side, this debacle of days is nearing an end. Hopefully everything attached to it as well. Nonetheless, look forward to 2021 with this nifty gift that’ll keep your loved ones literally up-to-date on, well, the date.

Obviously, it also helps that includes some of 202o, specifically if you’re looking to get this for yourself or someone else before the year is actually over.


Check The Score

More firmly rooted in the actual SEC East title, this shirt is pretty confident in its statement.

It also help that every word written on it is factual and can’t be denied.

Have SEC friends who do not root for the Florida Gators? Then this shirt, my friends, is for you. Let’em know the Gators got it and their favorite team simply does not.

Them cowards!

Nonetheless, a comfortable shirt with a fine design, snag this bad boy while it remains on sale. Limited supplies!


Florida Gators Hat

This might be my personal favorite. It’s a hat, which is a plus, but it’s also straight fire.

Like some of the other offerings on this list, it’s actually on sale for a limited time, making it an item unlikely to last long.

So what are you waiting for? I just told you this bad boy is on sale. Stop reading these words. I’m sure they’re fine enough words, but these words do not become a hat that is currently on sale.

Oh. You’re still here? Circling back a bit, what noise does an actual gator make? Remember when I said something about chomping? That can’t be it, can it? Would a gator literally chomp on something? Chomping leads me to believe it would be eating wood or something…

I digress!


Cornhole Board

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of cornhole? Losers, that’s who!

Tickle no one shocked and do not call them Nancy, but this is a remarkable gift for any cornhole fanatics residing in your household. Like all the other items on this list, it is on sale, making it more valuable than ever before.

Unfortunately, this item is almost gone. Hopefully, by the time you read this, especially if you want it, there’s still some left in stock before you fall short of whooping your friends in cornhole via an officially licensed Florida Gators board.

As a very random, and unimportant note: I’m currently the defending champion, multiple times over, in my neighborhood cornhole league. Sadly, my rivals have other boards of teams that do not represent mine. I could put an end to it by simply purchasing my own; though there’s weird gratification in whooping someone else on their board.


Good news, too.

This is, obviously, not the only Florida Gators SEC title championship gear available for sale. Our friends over at Fanatics have way more going on over there, especially after the championship win.

If you’re looking to browse around to get more gear, whether it be for you or for yourself, we have you covered. Simply click the link below to find even more awesome apparel.


Dolphins, Bengals


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