Trump’s election fraud crusade rolls on despite devastating Supreme Court rebuke

Trump’s dangerous misunderstandings about the stolen elections are the most outspoken attempt in the modern history of the president to overturn the will of the electorate. But they reached the point of no return after the Conservative Supreme Court largely destroyed what remained of Trump’s hallucinatory hopes of reversing his defeat.

The court’s devastating initial reaction to the faction after the elections was a clear signal that the Supreme Court despised frivolous and lengthy cases, which were already slowly rejected by the lower courts.

Pennsylvania’s rejection of the Republicans’ request to block the certification of their country’s results, on which there was no disagreement, was a humiliating rejection of Trump’s fundamental error, which led the three judges he appointed to the Court to act in connection with controversial elections. He also showed that conspiracy theories can fuel the president and his media propagandists, but will not be cut in court.

The clamp is ready. The president of the United States has no choice, said Laura Coates, former federal prosecutor and CNN chief legal analyst.

Biden’s press secretary, Mike Gwin, said..: This election is over. Joe Biden won, and he’ll be sworn in as president in January.

Within hours of the President’s last elusive remarks, the Supreme Court weighed the fact that he had won the elections, that he had won the elections in unstable states and that he had fallen victim to a massive operation by the Democrats to mislead the voters.

I hope the next government will be a trump card, because you can’t steal hundreds of thousands of votes, said the president, who is ending a lot of lies about Tuesday’s election results.

MAP: See the results of the 2020 elections.

For your information: There is no doubt about who will form the next government. Biden won 306 votes on Trump 232. He drew five vibration states from the asset 2016. Ms Trump’s campaign was unable to provide any evidence of fraud or irregularities that took place in court, and her cases were dismissed by many highly critical judges in several states.

The President’s destructive attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the American elections – the foundation of a system based on consent in ruling circles – took place because he largely ignored the country’s real threat: a pandemic that claimed the lives of nearly 300,000 Americans and was exacerbated by his rejection.

The power play that will take place in.

But any expectation that the reality, the facts and the evidence will prove the behavior of the president and his supporters, who still refuse to admit that Biden won the election, will be reflected in the events of the past four years.

He would also be unaware of how Trump uses his accusations of fraud to smooth out his own ego after losing the election, raise funds to stay in the spotlight after he leaves, and destroy the Biden presidency before it begins.

As recently as Tuesday, major Republicans in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, voted against the resolution designating Biden as elected president.

Some Republicans refused to say they would accept that Biden of the 46th Amendment would become president even after the states on the 14th. He said the December vote was over and his victories were confirmed. In a demonstration of deeply unconstitutional behavior, the president appointed Republican lawmakers who sought help to reverse their rival’s victories in key states. And his legal team, which consists of two lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, who have the Covid-19, has promised that the office will be operational on Tuesday afternoon, the day of the inauguration, the 20th. January, to fight. The declaration rejects the red-letter day of the constitution, which fell on Tuesday – the so-called safe-haven period – when the election process had to be stopped.

The Republicans in Washington’s refusal to recognize the apparent election results contrasts with the continued courage of many GOP state officials who resist the extreme trump card pressure and guerrilla threats on their side to confirm Biden’s election victory.

Political calculation

It is clear that Trump’s supporters, in the party he has transformed into his populist-nationalist image after building an astonishing bond with the base of his party, act according to their own political interests. If you want a future in the GOP, you can’t go to the chair. But their behavior also suggests that most of the Republican Party, the former home of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, simply became a ship for Tromp’s personal crusades. The relentless pursuit of power – instead of the principles that once made the GOP the most fertile ideas party in Washington – is now its organizing principle.

This trend suggests that the constitutional nihilism that has brought the president to perfection will remain a strong force within the GOP, even after he leaves the White House – and will hinder Biden’s hopes of uniting a divided nation that is criticized as naive in his own vision of the party.

Stuart Stevens, former chief strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, said the party had wasted a legacy of respect for democratic values.

I think it’s very difficult to arrange. It’s, you know, an old cliché. It’s hard to build something up and easy to break it down again. They burn faith in democracy, Stevens told CNN on Monday that they burn faith in democracy, Stevens told Don Lemon.

I’ve worked for the Republican Party for years, decades. We had ideological differences, but now I think the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is one for democracy and one not for democracy.

Republicans competing for the Best Assets

After the election, and by Tuesday at the latest, the Republicans have shown little intention of adapting to the new balance of power in Washington, where the Democratic White House is waiting for its will to adapt.

Biden officials were not invited to the White House immunization summit on Tuesday, although they will be responsible for distributing the vaccines that hopefully will end the pandemic next year.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, which Biden won with 270 votes.

The idea that Texas attorney general is trying to deny voters in the other four states the right to vote for laws in fact on election day is simply not commendable, CNN Party Republican election attorney Ben Ginsberg told Tuesday.

But the fact that Paxton filed a lawsuit and that Republican Senator Ted Cruise of Texas has offered to challenge the case of Trump in the Supreme Court shows that party members love what they advocate for the president, even if his false stories are fantastic or undermine democracy in the United States.

In recent days, an armed crowd has also appeared outside the home of a senior Democratic official from Michigan standing for election. Another senior official, Gabriel Sterling in Georgia, a Republican who said he voted for Trump, warned the president to calm tensions before someone was killed.

And Trump’s Republican allies said they were planning a debate in the House of Representatives on his unsubstantiated claims that he was misled in the election when the election commission summarized the vote to confirm Biden’s victory in January.

None of this will stop Biden from becoming president. But this could seriously undermine the legitimacy of the next president, and Trump has repeatedly tried to cloud the health of U.S. government institutions.

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