Bears HC Matt Nagy Hints New Role for QB Mitch Trubisky

The role of Mitch Trumpet Tase Hill.


Mitchell Pipes of Chicago Bears.

That happened in the first quarter when the Chicago Bears picked up the ball on the 35-yard line in New Orleans. The Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy recently placed fired quarterback Mitch Trubisky as the starting player for Nick Falls. While Foles sat on the bench, the tubes lined up in front of the shotgun and burst as they walked three metres into Wildcat’s imaginary game. It was a small moment from three meters, but it turned out that this could be the beginning of a bigger role for Trubesky in the attack, going forward.

One of Trubsky’s best traits is his athletics, and his running skills have rarely been questioned. Given the intensity of the Bears’ fight (they are ranked 28th in the NFL based on points scored and 31st when they play in a rush), it will come as no surprise or overkill that Nagy Pipes and Sean Peyton are using Taysom Hill’s quarterback in New Orleans.

After the loss of Peyton and the Saints on Sunday afternoon, Nadia was asked about the game of Mitch-in-the-Wildcat in particular, and received an interesting answer.

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Matt Nagy confirms we can see more of Mitch in the future….

Saints’ backup quarterback Taysom Hill was very effective in the limited action against the Bears on Sunday. He had five 35-yard carry-ons, two 30-yard traps and a touchdown. In 2020, Hill saw a slight decline, but last season he became a formidable weapon in an attack by the Saints and scored seven touchdowns.

Although Trubiska doesn’t have exactly the same skill as Hill (Mitch isn’t a receptionist, while six of Hill’s seven points are taken), he’s one of the best running quarterbacks in the league, and when asked if he could see the Wildcat’s quarterback expand his role, Nagy said yes.

Yeah, we could do that, Coach Bears said. Mitch’s honor. He’s done a good job in the role he’s playing now. These are weapons so we can use his legs and then, of course, throw the ball. That’s who we are, and each game can be a little different, but that’s what teams have to prepare for.

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Will more Mitch in an attack be a good thing?

Let’s be honest: Throwing the ball is not the power of the trumpet. Since joining the League he has been very erratic as a shepherd and has shown little improvement. With the list of fans and analysts demanding his return getting longer and longer, the figures show that Foles is the Bears’ best quarterback, at least for now:

BCP under Trubisk – 21,359.3% Comp2.8 bags per lot224 yards/yearFall than 20 yards/year 1.2August BOA vs -21.3

Fall PPG – 21.2
64.8% Comp
2.4 Bags per batch
257 yards/year
Completion over 20 yards/year 2.5
August BOA opponent evaluation – 12.6

No, ¶ bears must not change ¶

– 2. Bill Zimmerman (@ ZimmermanSXM) November 2020.

However, the Trumpet is a much better athlete than the dirty one, and the Bears would do well to use his hurry while they still can. If you throw him into the scrum as a running quarterback, as Gnaghi pointed out, the opponent should at least consider him, and this may add another dimension to the offense that is so lacking.

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