Antonio Conte rates Frank Lampard’s job at Chelsea so far

Antonio Conte takes over from Frank Lampard in Chelsea.

The current boss of Blues returned to Stamford Bridge a year after the release of Tale (pictures: Getty).

Antonio Conte praised the work Frank Lampard has done since coming to power at Chelsea and believes the club will benefit him by allowing him to achieve a much larger membership.

The Italian coach, who currently runs Inter Milan, left Stamford Bridge in 2018 and won the Premier League title in his first season and the Football Association Cup in his second.

Before his departure, however, he was often in the woodshed with the Chelsea board during transfers and he believes that Lampard – who spent over £200 million on a horde of new players in the summer – took full advantage of the increased support he received.

Press conference and training for Frank Lampard Chelsea.

Chelsea is three points behind the leader and takes the top position in the championship (picture by Getty).

Asked about the current team, Conte told the Telegraph that I think the club wants to come back to win.

I think, frankly, that Chelsea is a very good team right now, a strong team, a great team that has a lot, a lot of competition to deal with. They’ve done a really good job, and right now they’ve got a lot, a lot of actors.

I remember coming to Chelsea, and it wasn’t like that. Because I remember in my first season we played with only 16 players.

But this year the club has done very well. I know you’re doing great because I’m still following Chelsea. I’m a fan.

The lamp works well of course and he knows the club very well because he is a legend to Chelsea.

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I think the same thing happened to Juventus, because I knew the club very well and I knew how to follow them to achieve my goal. Lampard is the right coach for Chelsea.

Although Conte had a dispute with several members of the Chelsea board of directors, he also praised the owner, Roman Abramovich, and showed that he was more practical than many of his supporters could have imagined.

He moved on: It is always very difficult when there is a stopover between the club and the coach. I don’t think the club ever tried to explain that decision. But in our work, we have to accept such a situation.

Chelsea's old boss, Antonio Conte.

Storytelling was fiery and turbulent, but he was successful at Stamford Bridge for two years (photo: Getty).

It’s not easy being Chelsea’s coach. You have to live with a lot of pressure, especially from the outside, but it’s a shame to stop my coach after two seasons, because I’ve built up a real bond with the fans and the players.

Sometimes you agree because the results are negative, and sometimes you don’t understand why. But I think you have to accept, and I have good memories of Chelsea, the club, of Mr. Abramovich, who is very passionate about football. It was incredible, especially in my first season, because he stood very, very close to me and asked me questions about my football and my ideas.

He often came to the training field to meet me and I remember he wanted to watch a video about our game and our preparation – how we wanted to meet the opponent.

I think he was one of the most passionate people about football in my career and I have good memories of him and the club, an important club in the world.

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