Trump’s public schedules show little interest in work

However, because he remains in power with great difficulty and refuses to give up the elections he has lost, Mr Trump has shown little interest in his function as president. Since vowing to fight the election results within hours of election day, Trump, who spent four years creating television moments to show his office, has done little to show the American people that he still runs the country.

Instead, he launches inflammatory and unfounded complaints against his social media accounts, which have often been tweeted as misinformation, and strikes at the golf course.

A White House spokesman publicly defended the president’s light agenda and said he was fulfilling all his duties.

As he promised, President Trump fought hard for a free and fair election while taking full responsibility for putting America first, said Vice President Judd Deer.

Trump met with his political and White House advisors Tuesday to discuss the next steps in his legal strategy, said a man familiar with the issue and gave no indication that he intends to resign from the election. Behind the scenes, Trump’s refusal to resign has prompted senior government officials to announce that cooperation with Biden’s team has been hampered, agency and White House officials said.

But he’s always missing when it comes to the federal government.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to hold a press conference on Tuesday, send out calls from world leaders and meet with his new Coronavirus Advisory Council.

An overview of Trump’s daily public program of 2. The fact that he was diagnosed with Covid-19 on October 3 shows the lack of official events in the White House in the run-up to the October 3 elections. November and the days before.

Of course, the daily programme does not include all meetings and events of the chairman. But almost 50 campaign meetings, no formal meetings for more than a month – the work as President of the United States – especially in the context of the global pandemic – is remarkable. Trump’s last briefing was scheduled for the 2nd. October, the morning after testing positive.

White House officials have often referred to Trump’s accessibility and transparency in the press, and asking questions on the road to Marin-1 with the buzz of helicopter engines was the hallmark of his presidency. But Mr Trump has still not answered press questions about his loss and has not provided any credible evidence in support of his unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. Trump did not answer the journalists’ questions after making a number of false statements in the White House briefing room on election night.

Other official events in the White House since World War II In October, a meeting with the troops took place at Fort Bragg on the 29th. October, Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in at the White House on October 26. October and comments on the protection of the elderly on the battlefield in Florida on the 16th. October.

Since the 2nd. There were no events on the agenda for October, including the time the president spent recovering with Walter Reed and in the White House.

During the weekend Trump resumed his golf rounds, which he had been playing since the 27th round. September. He was spotted by CNN cameras quoting links at Trump National Golf Club in Stirling, Virginia, Saturday and Sunday, on the occasion of his 411th birthday. The day he has spent on Trump’s grounds since he took office and his 300th birthday.

He was a member of the club when the biggest chains announced the race for their rival.

Kevin Liptak of CNN contributed to this report.

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