Tampa Bay Rays’ Blake Snell ‘disappointed, upset’ on early hook in Game 6

ARLINGTON, TX — Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash said he regretted the result more than his decision to shoot starter Blake Snell when the left rudder is still at the top of his game, according to 5⅓. In the World Series 6 on Tuesday, no goals were scored.

I’m sorry for the decision, because it didn’t work out, Kash said after the L.A. Dodgers finished their seventh World Series with a 3-1 victory. But, you know, I feel like the thinking process was right. … If we had to do it again, I have every confidence in Nick Anderson to make it through this round.

When Flight took an 1-0 lead, Snell probably played his best game of the season. He stabbed the Dodgers nine times and gave up two punches.

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To the displeasure of many, Snell’s second strike… …the ninth. The killer Austin Barnes, one of six… …to bring money to the dam. Cache chose Anderson, who quickly left the doubles, the wilderness and the RBI and brought Rays into play for the first time with a 2-1 victory.

I’m really disappointed and angry, Mr. Snell said. I just want the ball. I had a great time. I did everything I could to prove my case stayed there, and if you lose, it sucks. I wanna win, and I wanna win the World Series, and for us it sucks to lose.

I’m not going to interrogate him. He’s a damn good manager, so I’m not gonna question him. And I’m looking forward to what I’m going to do in low season. But we don’t have enough time and the only thing I can concentrate on is what I can best do next year.

Kash stated that the decision to remove Snell was made because Mookie Betts was absent again and Kash wanted to prevent Snell from being present for the third time. Snell’s next three ahead – Betts, Cory Seeger and Justin Turner – led Tuesday and scored six goals to make it 6-0.

The only reason is that the Dodgers are as powerful as anyone else in the league, Cash said. Personally, I felt like Blake had done his job and then some. Mookie comes for the third time… I appreciate that.

I fully respect and understand. Blake gave us every chance to win. He was brilliant. These are not easy decisions. … I wouldn’t want Mookie or Seeger to see Blake a third time. There was no plan. Whatever people think, there’s no plan.

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Blake Snell serves the jewel to Reyes in Game 6, solves only two shots and hits nine in the set 5⅓, but is signed by manager Kevin Cash after solving the sixth set.

The manager of the Dodgers, Dave Roberts, admitted that he was happy that Snell shot and added that Betts even looked at him and smiled.

I was quite happy because he dominated us and we didn’t see him, Roberts said. We were all a little excited that Snell was out of the picture.

Betts said the removal of Snell from the game had been a relief for the team, and Seeger said it had strengthened the mood for the attack.

He was tough all night, Seeger said. You take your hat off to him. He played one hell of a baseball game. He threw us off balance, he shocked us, we barbed, we fought, and in reality we had no answer for him. And once he’s out, I’m sure it’ll cheer us up a bit. We started to feel a small impulse, we scratched a few races and eventually we won.

We asked Kash if there was anything that Snell could do to stay in the game.

I don’t know if I have a better answer, Kash said. He did more than any of us could ask. Reducing this lineup as he did was excellent and gave us all a chance to win. That’s a good question. Tricky question. I’m not sure I have a better answer.

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Snell has made 21 consecutive starts in the division one without going six innings, including every field trip this season.

He is only the second starting pitcher in the last 20 injury periods to be removed from a game in which he had at least nine shots before serving 75. Sabatia was born in the 5th century. 2017 American League game in 69th place. The field withdrew in the fifth set, but unlike Snell, Sabatia allowed successive strikes.

Snell was asked the same question as Kash: He thought he could have done something else to stay in the game.

He said not to shoot. It was one of my best games in a long time, frankly. The way I dealt with the area and connected when I saw them made me feel very good. The way I looked for them and looked for myself with everything, I knew what they were looking for and I knew when they would change their game plan. When it came to understanding this team and what I had to do, I was really locked up. So I did everything I could to be the best for today.

Cache managed Reyes’ pitching stick consistently throughout the season, which is considered by many to be one of the reasons the team participated in the World Series, and he predicted the move the day before.

Tomorrow we’ll be aggressive, Kash said Monday. If we manage to get a lead and limit it, we’ll have some big guys at the back of the team ready. It’s as if our writing constantly conveys different points of view, which we constantly contradict with the points of view we give to the other composition, and more than anything else in the world, with this Dodger composition that simply doesn’t show you the repeated hits.

That was 24 hours before Snell took the hill and before he knocked out Betts, Seeger and Turner twice each. Snell was taken before he had a chance to meet her again.

They do things a little different in low season, Cash said Monday. They’re a little more aggressive. I give a lot of credit to our beginning. You’re really good. It’s a small part of our strategy: To take the lead, become aggressive and limit any attack.

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