The Animated Series & Batman Beyond Are Streaming on HBO Max This January

Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond are among the new DC titles coming to HBO Max next month and finally bringing fans’ favorite cartoons to the WarnerMedia channel. There are also titles such as Green Lantern : The Justice League Dark anime series: The war of the Apocalypse and Batman: In addition, Bad Blood will be broadcast exclusively on HBO Max from the first day of the year.

DC has already tried to get into the streaming game with the launch of its streaming service DC Universe. This has been accompanied by the production of new content such as Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn, which were originally intended to be exclusive. It has now been announced that DC Universe will also become an exclusive comedy platform, bringing the shows and films streamed on the streamer to HBO Max.

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Fans turned to HBO Max to add Batman: A series of animated films since the launch of the banner at the beginning of this year. For many long time fans of the caped crusader, the animated series from the 90s is one of the best adaptations of Batman. The series was first presented at Fox Kids in 1992. The voices of the fans’ favourite actors, Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne and Mark Hamill as the Joker, appear in the series. The animated film has won four Emmy Awards over the course of its career, including one for best animated film.

Batman: The anime series is also known for its great contributions to the history of Batman. The series perhaps marks the first appearance of the character of Harley Quinn, because the main character of the Joker had not yet appeared in DC Comics. Thanks to the positive perception of a super villain who only had to appear once, Harley returned in other episodes, such as B. in the series Mad Love, which revealed his twisted story with the Joker, criticizing him. Now that other versions of Harley have their own film and animation series, it is clear that it has come a long way.

Decades after the events of the anime series, Batman Beyond Conroy gives the voice of a much older Bruce Wayne. When Bruce retires as the savior of Gotham City, teenage pupil Terry McGinnis disguises himself as the new Batman, with Mr. Wayne as his mentor. While the series had a new man in the suit, Batman Beyond was well received by the fans, developed his own and broadcast for three seasons. It would also give birth to a cartoon derived from Batman Beyond : The return of the Joker, who also comes to HBO Max.

Other Batman titles to be released next month on HBO Max are Batman : Dead in the family, Batman: Calm down, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy: Batman begins, the Dark Knight rises… It’s Batman: The anime series and Batman Beyond, all starting at 1. January on HBO Max. John Lee Hancock’s new film, The Little Things, which will be released in cinemas on 29 January, will also be shown on HBO Max on the same day at no extra cost. We’re getting this message from WarnerMedia.

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