The Battle Dogs

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‘Battle Dogs,’ A New Popular Television Series Cataloguing The Dangerous Struggle To Save Pets In War-Torn Afghanistan, Debuts. Battle Dogs, a major Discovery Channel show that follows the valiant actions of 2014 CNN Hero of the Year and finest author Pen Farthing and his team at Nowzad Animal Shelter & Clinic (“Nowzad”) in their mission to rescue disused street dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan, is set to officially launch on January 5, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. The documentary series, which will consist of 10 30-minute episodes, reveals the emotionally riveting stories of Kabul’s stray dogs and the dedicated vets at Nowzad who risk their lives to save them.

A Synopsis of Movie:

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they prohibited civilians from having animals, leaving hundreds of cherished pets to survive for themselves on the streets. Pen and his partner Hannah Surowinski run Nowzad, Afghanistan’s only certified animal protection facility. Pen and Hannah, along with their team of experienced veterinarians, two of whom are the country’s first female veterinarians, put their lives on the line every day to save these dogs from the streets, reconnect them with their previous families, and find them permanent homes.

Plot And Summary:

“Battledogs” is a film that exemplifies the fine art of reworking a film while having fun doing it. Writer Phillip Van Dyke remakes 2008’s “The Amazing Hulk” but customizes it more for wolves in this case. Every plot concept and scene in the film is blatantly lifted from the 2008 action picture. There’s even a scene in which one of the infected individuals is thrown out of a helicopter in mid-air and crashes into the ground as it changes into a ferocious werewolf.

Movie Main Highlights:

As in the previous film, there is a genetic infectious disease that can be spawned when its host becomes stressed or angry, a surreptitious government that wants to use the infection as a means of manufacturing it as an aware weapon, and a single human who believes infected people should be handled as humans valued for their ability to wreak havoc when incensed. Instead of a young woman, Craig Scheffer plays Brian Hoffman, a CDC expert with a military history who nonetheless sympathizes with the creatures.

Character and their Action:

Ariana Richards (Jurassic Park) as an adult is a female Bruce Banner named Donna Voorhees. Donna turns into a werewolf in the midst of an airport after returning from Canada with a bitten arm from a mystery wolf. She butchers an entire group of hapless travelers. Those who do not perish as a result of the attacks become contaminated and turn into werewolves when they feel anger, anxiety, or agitated.

Voorhees believes she has control over it and wishes to be considered human, but the cruel government will not let it. Dennis Haysbert plays Lt. Colonel Christopher Monning, a scowling soldier who believes the sick have no rights and intends to utilize them as weaponry and soldiers on the battle under military authority.

The formulae continue as Hoffman attempts to reach Voorhees and assist her in controlling her anger in the aim of getting control of her transitions, while villainous Monning rubs his hands together and insists on capturing Voorhees and using her blood to create a formula that will give American troops some sort of advantage on the battlefield involving the positive traits of lycanthropy. The parallels are striking, and I’m guessing they’re not coincidental. There’s even a scene where Monning purposefully irritates Voorhees, allowing her to morph, and she’s returned to human form thanks to Hoffman’s chivalry.

A Great Science Fiction:

It is, after all, a B grade science fantasy tragedy hybrid, so there are instances of underlying silliness, such as human rights violent protesters at what is supposed to be a top-secret werewolf facility, and troops battling the huge werewolves with tiny foam darts rather than technologically advanced caging weapons that could easily take them down.

Final Verdict:

Despite being an obvious rip-off of “The Incredible Hulk,” Director Yellen takes a fresh notion and makes it into an enjoyable B movie with an excellent ensemble of genre veterans. With additional re-tooling, a better studio, and a larger budget, this might be a fantastic film.

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