The five most insane Shroud streaming moments of all time


He is called King Reddita because he impressed the audience with his skills as a first-person shooter and fighting pianist. It doesn’t matter what game he plays, because in most of his feeds he will look like a human cheater. His knowledge of recoil, weapon mechanics and player movements can jeopardize the soldier’s work.

Unlike other streamers such as Dr. Disrespect and Ninja, the shroud has never brought explosives when it comes to power. He never relied on the enormous quality of the products and didn’t bring any Hollywood characters with him. He was just himself, a man with bad reflexes.

He started his career as a spectator on his own, but his fate changed when he was invited to play a professional opponent for Cloud9. In the course of his work in the organization, he was often criticized for broadcasting other games.

When he announced that he was leaving the professional gaming industry to take the risk of switching to streaming, it was already time for him to make a name for himself. The transition allowed him to create the most ridiculous moments through which the audience admires his talent or hates him out of jealousy.

Here is a list of the craziest moments of Schrud’s streaming.


In a genre where poachers or tourists spread like wildfire to the point where their antics would ruin someone’s life, Schrud does the unthinkable. Either he scans the surroundings and looks for potential poaching areas, or if his opponent finds out, he formulates his opponent’s tendencies in his head.

From there he throws a random grenade to test his hypothesis. He pays no attention to wasted resources and shows full confidence with his own knowledge of the game.

On several occasions Shaud was right to surprise everyone who looked at him. Was it a product of blind happiness or a product of his Einstein IQ? Probably both. Critics will say he was lucky, while the norm will remain to worship him as a god.


The shroud not only relies on grenades to detect poachers, but also has an alternative in its arsenal. His knowledge of weapon mechanics allows him to decipher what kind of weapon can pass through walls.

At one point, Schrud decided to calculate where his opponents would be in a CS:GO random game. To test his analysis, he would have accidentally shot down every wall. While most players of his level are unlucky because it’s a waste of balls, the Shroud just doesn’t care.

And when he records this shot of Marie’s hail, his teammates are stunned.

But he doesn’t only do it in CS:GO, because he even explored this approach in Siege of the Brave and Rainbow Six. He even used a weapon to execute that strategy in Valorant!


In the world of counter-attacks, players who buy the Negev will be criticized because the weapon is rarely used because of its flaws. First it reduces your mobility because of the weight, then it reduces your ability to shoot accurately. Players who have used a weapon are often called Noobes.

So how does Sharud deal with the argument that the Negev is the worst weapon in the game?

It’s just that he’s using it.

Even with the worst weapons, Savan can dominate his opponents. He could either throw a smoke grenade and spray the bullets continuously, or fire them at the walls to make them look like paper.


Is cheating unethical? Absolutely. Is it possible to kill a villain to the point where he resigns in shame because he has not been punished as a villain? No? Don’t worry, just pick the shroud and it will immediately destroy anyone who tries to spoil the game.

Despite the fact that Shaud is annoyed by these pirates, he accepts the challenge of defeating one of them. While most players simply collapse when faced with one, Shroud continues as if nothing had happened. It’s not enough for them to sue a hacker, because it’s not enough for them to insult their vulnerable egos, so they end up breaking their own computer and hiding under the bed. Maybe developers could thank Shroud for being able to sit back, relax and have a long coffee when they realised they could ignore customer complaints because their game wasn’t broken.


One shot, BAM! End of story.

While other twists and turns dance around the boat or show them during the event, the fabric is approached in a minimalist way, and here the beauty is created.

This video alone summarizes the situation.

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