The reason Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy aren’t getting fired


Chicago Bears management has still found many reasons to keep head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace. Despite an 8-8 record in the regular season, policymakers still have faith in the leadership of these two.

According to Brad Spielberger, the Bears’ owner was impressed with the way they handled the team’s six-game losing streak.

Again: The series of six defeats is a kind of existential catastrophe that happened to the Bears, not to them.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) January 13, 2021

Team captain George McCaskey has expressed his disappointment, as has everyone else, but he also knows that Pace and Nagy need time to evolve into their respective roles through Chris Emma.

George McCaskey: Were there any mistakes? Yes. But I think Ryan (Pace) and Matt (Nagy) are learning and growing into their roles. …I understand your frustration. We’re angry too.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) January 13, 2021

George McCaskey said this after saving Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy: We need to see improvements. We are not satisfied with our current situation. …we need to make progress.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) January 13, 2021

Bears President Ted Phillips also commented on the issue, saying they will continue the progress they have made while acknowledging their mistakes and moving forward.

Ted Phillips: Many improvements are needed. But Ryan (Pace) and Matt (Nagy) have the ability to do that. …we acknowledge our mistakes. We will build on the success of

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) January 13, 2021

Ted Phillips: There is a willingness to fire everyone. If you don’t win enough games, fire everyone. In our opinion, this is not a recipe for success.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) January 13, 2021

Phillips also pointed out that the Bears have the football culture that all teams try to acquire shortly after their loss to the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round, according to Jason Leeser.

We have the football culture that all teams are trying to develop, Ted Phillips said three days after Anthony Miller’s performance at the New Orleans game.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) January 13, 2021

McCaskey, on the other hand, still thinks the Bears have what it takes to fight for a title in the future. He noted that the team did well in the 2020 NFL Draft and did well in the regular season.

George McCaskey thinks the Bears are still going for the title:

1. Good project in 2020.
2. The team held on at inopportune times, suffering six straight defeats.

That’s really the best you can say: The Bears did a great job after a six-game losing streak.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) January 13, 2021

The Bears have experienced the roller coaster ride of a 2020 season. They started the season winning five of their first six games, but ended up losing six. Nagy rebuilt his team to finish the regular season on a three-win streak and prepare for the postseason.

Despite the early exit, it looks like Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace will remain in the Windy City after all. The Bears believe these two players will lead them to the promised land and the upcoming season will show if their decision to keep both was the best decision for the team.

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