Top 11 House Party Games For Adults

The best drinking games are enough to make you laugh, but sometimes you want something a little more fun. We have made a list of top house party games for adults like beer pong, charades, mystery words that will blow your mind.

As Christmas draws near and Friday nights are filled hosting dinner dates for your friends, you might be looking for ways to speed up the pace after you’ve eaten (a bit too much) food.

We have 11 favourite house party games.


Beer Pong is where you attempt to throw a ball of ping pong into the cup of your opponent, which will result in them drinking the contents. Place six cups in a triangle-shaped arrangement on either side of a counter, ping pong table or kitchen table. As teams, each team will take turns throwing the ball in your opponent’s cups. Be sure to follow your rules right from the beginning. Does the ball have to bounce? Is it allowed to touch the rim? The team that lands the ball in all the cups of the opposition before you does it is the winner.


Charades is a fantastic game that everyone can play. Divide your group into groups and ask one member of each team to act out a film, book, song, etc. While you wait, try to guess the answer as fast as possible. You will be shouted at more if your group is competitive than you are.

#3. TWO TRUTHS and a LIE

This is the ideal game to learn about your friends’ darkest secrets. It’s the perfect party piece to share with your friend who is always sharing.

It’s pretty simple. Each guest must write two truths or lies about themselves on a piece of paper. Then fold the paper up and put it in a bowl. The host will then randomly draw one of the lies out and give it to the group. The host will then randomly pull them out one at a time and read them to your group.


This is a fun game that you can play at any dinner party. Everyone must put their name in a pot and a ridiculous phrase, word or sentence into another. Everyone around the table will then take a name or phrase from the pots, but not their own. The chosen person then needs to use the phrase in conversation with the other person without being called out. If one person said, “I applied for Love Island”and then another, they would have to find a way of telling Sarah about their ITV2application, without Sarah suspecting.


Human Cluedo is an excellent game that can be played over the course of a weekend. Everyone involved writes down their name and places it in a pot. Then they choose a household item to place into the other pot. You can write down as many places as you like (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, garden).

Each person picks an item, person, or location. Each person will be given the task of giving the item to the chosen person over the weekend. You can’t do it to another person if they do it to you. If someone gives you the pepper grinder from the balcony, this is an example. The last person standing wins.


Everyone knows this one, right? It’s a classic, but maybe not for Christmas Dinner with your parents! It’s a straightforward ‘Fill the blank’ format. Each person is given 10 white cards. These are the cards that can be used to ‘fill in the blank’. The blank is filled by drawing one black card. The black card contains the blank that each player must fill. Each player chooses one of the white cards and places it face down on the table. The black cardholder reads the sentence aloud and fills in the gaps with all the options. Finally, the round winner chooses the most funny. The person with the most rounds wins.


The Head’s Up app is a crowd-pleaser that makes party games easy. After you have downloaded the app, one person will choose a category (Superstars, Act It Out or Animals) and then put the phone on their head. The phone will display words from that category, and players must describe it within a given time limit. After the person has correctly guessed the word, the phone will move on to the next word. The team that correctly guesses all the words within the time limit is the winner.


There are many great drinking games available, including the timeless classic ‘Ring Of Fire. Each card has a different value and is played with one pack of cards. The game is played in turn by the players who draw the cards.

  • 2 – The player who drew a card chooses a person to drink.
  • 3 – Me, player who drew cards drinks
  • 4 – All females who drink
  • 5 – The Thumbmaster is the player who dealt the card. The person who has not put their thumb on the table before this time must drink
  • 6 – All males who drink
  • 7 – Heaven. The player who drew a card must point towards the sky. The person who last points at the sky must drink.
  • 8 – Mate: The player who drew a card chooses a drinking partner, who must drink each time they drink.
  • 9 – Rhyme: The player who drew a card speaks a word. You go around the circle and rhyme with that word until you get muddled up and have to drink.
  • 10 – Categories. The player who drew a card thinks about a particular category (e.g. You go around the circle, naming words within each category, until someone makes a mistake and then you have to drink.
  • Jack – Rule. The player who drew a card creates a new rule (e.g. You must drink with your left-handed or you can’t use their first names. Anyone who breaks this rule has to stop drinking.
  • Queen – If anyone answers a question from the player who dealt the card, they must drink
  • King – The player who draws the card must pour some water into the cup at the center.
  • Ace – waterfall. Every player continues to drink their drink and can stop drinking when the person to their left has stopped, which is the case starting with the one who drew it.


You can use a board game for Pictionary but it is not necessary. Ask everyone to list 10 words, actions, phrases, or people and then put them in a bowl. One player in each team must guess the meaning of the piece of paper using only a pen or paper. These phrases could be anything, from Rebeckah Vardy versus Coleen Rooney to Boris Johnson zip-lining. The team that can correctly guess the most correct answers within the time limit is the winner.


This game is easy to learn and everyone knows how it works. You only need a singing voice and a semi-in-tune song. You must choose a song to play and hum it. The song must be guessed by everyone else. The winner of this game is who guesses the correct answer. The winner gets to choose the next song.

You can make it a drinking game to take it up a level. The winner doesn’t need to drink but the losers do. It can quickly become extremely competitive.

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