How to Set Up a PC Gaming Station on a Budget

PC gaming is a great way for people to relax and be entertained. It’s the kind of hobby that can appeal to all ages and thanks to the vast selection of genres, there truly is something for everyone. From beginners to experts, PC games won’t disappoint, as long as you’ve got the right tech and gear that is.

If you’re working from scratch and want to set up a PC gaming station but have a tight budget, what are the essential tech items you need? Here’s a look at how you can set up a PC gaming station on a tight budget in terms of tech and gear.

Purchase a Laptop – Everything You Need in One

The first tip is to skip the desktop computer altogether and purchase a gaming laptop instead. It used to be that the technology and processing power in laptops weren’t as good as desktops, but that’s no longer the case. Today you can find mid-range to high-end models that can stand toe-to-toe with desktops.

The big advantage of laptops is that you get everything you need in one package. There is no need to purchase additional accessories. When purchasing a desktop, it’s normal to buy the tower and monitor separately, as well as the keyboard and mouse. This can make the desktop much more expensive overall.

There’s also no reason to be paying full price for a laptop when it’s common for them to go on sale. Certain times of the year are known for offering discounts and promotions such as Black Friday and Boxing Day deals. You can also visit websites to check for daily specials or promotions just like these Lenovo gaming offers.

Get Multi-Functional Accessories

A big part of PC gaming is the accessories. These help to make gaming more intuitive, user-friendly, immersive and fun. But as you can imagine, these accessories can add up in costs and most of them aren’t necessary. A money-saving tip is to look for multi-functional accessories so you’re getting more bang for your buck.

A great example is a wireless headset with a built-in microphone. You get a pair of headphones and a microphone for the price of one accessory. Headphones with a microphone are perfect when you’re playing online with others but you don’t want to disturb everyone else in the house.

Below are some things to look for when shopping for this accessory:

  • It should be adjustable
  • The headband and ears should have padding
  • The microphone needs to be adjustable
  • You should be able to adjust the sound
  • It is noise cancelling

Don’t Purchase Games When First Released

Then there are the games themselves, which can be extremely expensive. If you are trying to build your library, you can easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars to do so. A good tip is to resist purchasing new releases. The game is most expensive when first released. Instead, opt for games that are at least a year old, as they tend to go on sale more often and it’s a great way to discover video game classics.

As you can see by these tips, setting up a home PC gaming station on a tight budget is more than possible.

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