WandaVision’s Villain Reveals May Not Be Over Yet

The final episode of WandaVision, Breaking the Fourth Wall, revealed to viewers what most fans had already understood shortly before the series launched on Disney+ : Agnes, played by Katherine Hahn, is actually Agatha Harkness. At the end of the episode, the Marvel-using mage had his big reveal, with a theme song about how all of Westview’s craziness has always been Agatha. But if this statement is certainly compelling – and this theme song is an instant classic – it’s an evil revelation that’s frankly too direct and too convenient for the Marvel Cinematic universe. Of course, it’s also possible that it was Agatha all along and that we need to do Sparky justice, but the villain that WandaVision unmasks is probably not over yet. It’s entirely possible that something much bigger is about to happen.

The big clue that Agatha is probably not the real Big Bad WandaVision comes from the comics, so to speak. In the comics, Agatha is more of a mother figure to Wanda Maximoff; she acts as a mentor, helping her better control her magic and generally looking out for Wanda’s well-being. While Agatha’s approach isn’t always the most traumatic, Agatha is one of the few characters in the comic who truly wants Wanda to be okay. She even goes so far as to briefly erase the memory of her children when Mephisto brings them back, though she recovers those memories quite quickly – but more on that in a moment.

Given that Agatha is more of an ally than an antagonist in the comic, the fact that she’s only angry at WandaVision seems far-fetched, and when Marvel changes characters from page to page, they usually don’t completely rewrite them. Judging by this line of thinking, Agatha is probably not the main villain, but she could be involved. A key theory is that Wanda isn’t the only magic user being controlled, and that Agatha herself is pulling the strings with another bigger threat – Mephisto, Chthon, Nightmare, take your pick, they’re all solid. Or maybe Agatha is trying to save Wanda from someone else’s control.

And there is evidence that this may be the case. In Breaking the Fourth Wall, when Agatha opens up to Wanda, she says she’s glad to finally meet her. This suggests that Agatha has not worked with Wanda before outside of her Agnes persona. We also see her use some sort of purple power on Wanda that seems to take over her mind, but the episode ends before anything else happens. We assume it’s bad, but maybe not. Perhaps Agatha took the opportunity to show Wanda what was going on. Yet over the course of the series we saw Agnes do things that seemed to have opened Wanda’s eyes long ago. It’s Agnes who always seems to be present at Wanda’s most troubling moments – like when she asks if she wants to go through with Sparky’s death and Wanda admits she can’t bring things back from the dead, plants the seed with the vision that things aren’t going well, causes discord between the couple, even the arrival of Pietro could have been destined to throw Wanda off balance. She even asks Wanda if she deserves to take down the fourth wall, which of course makes Wanda more doubtful than ever.

One could even say that Agatha introduces herself with things already happening in Westview, as seen in the opening of Agatha All Together, she arrives and then changes into her character of Agnes, making a gesture of silence over her shoulder as she walks towards the house, as if to suggest that they can’t reveal her true identity yet. Maybe it’s because Wanda has to go alone.

The idea that someone should take Wanda out of someone else’s manipulation would come in the comic book. Remember when we said that Agatha had erased Wanda’s memories of her twins, only to find them again shortly after? Agatha did this when Wanda became a pawn of Immortus, aka Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang the Conqueror, a character allegedly played by Jonathan Majors in Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantum Mania. The script for the comic book about Wanda having to free herself from Immortus included the fact that Wanda was a Nexus creature, and we got that Nexus ad.

So, even though in a way it’s Agatha from the beginning, it’s likely that she won’t be the only major villain to appear in the other episodes of WandaVision. It is entirely possible that Agatha is not a bad person at all.

The first seven episodes of WandaVision are now airing on Disney+.

So many possibilities of badness for WandaVision! What do you think is really going on? Is Agatha really the bad guy or is the MCU about to be shaken up by someone much bigger? Let us know what you think in the comments or contact our author on Twitter @lifeinpolaroid.

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