What Does A Great Book Look Like? Here Is What You Need To Know

People became more interested in doing their own thing as eCommerce paved the way for new business ideas with the support of digital marketing. Among those new ideas, a new fad gained popularity: book reading.

People are writing and are selling their books on online sites. These newcomers, however, have no understanding of how to market a book or what makes a book great.

That is why they have had limited success in the book writing industry.

Good books are everywhere, but great books are pure luxury. There is a certain feel, a visual image, or a certain personality a book has that makes it great.

Attention Grabbing Cover Design

The design of a book cover speaks a great deal about its content. People used to spend more time reading book summaries and short introductions.

Nowadays, however, people are busy and have little to no time to read several book summaries before deciding on one.

Your book cover design is the most important tactic to attract someone’s attention in a bookshop crowded with literally hundreds of reading options. It doesn’t matter how excellent a storyline is if no one ever reads it.

A poor book cover design may make potential readers question the worth of the material within, whereas a good cover design will attract a reader’s attention, engage their curiosity, and express what the book is about. These things make people want to buy your book.

If you have a terrific book cover design, readers will at least pick it up to see what it’s about. .

The Title

Everyone now has a YouTube channel, and you may have seen some YouTubers use click-bait titles to lure their viewers into watching their videos. The same is true for books. People will buy your book if it has a snappy, distinctive, and interesting title.

However, the book cover design must be supplemented to convey the title more effectively. To come up with a brilliant book title, you need to research existing issues and trends. For example, individuals nowadays are interested in making money.

Books on how to make money are ubiquitous, but the ones that sell have incredibly distinctive and interesting titles like The Psychology of Money, Sell Like Crazy, and The $100 Startup, all of which are short titles that immediately catch your attention.

Tone And Vocabulary

So you have the best cover design and an intriguing title. People bought your book; now it’s time to see what’s inside.

Since the English language was not regarded as the universal language at the time of Shakespeare, the use of vocabulary and difficult-to-understand sentences was deemed the best.

However, English has now become the universal language, and everybody in the world understands it to some level. This is why the tone and language of your book should be welcoming, with simple vocabulary, so that most people can read and understand it.

The Plot

After you have established the tone and used simple words, you must focus on the plot – the heart of your book. Even if the vocabulary is easy, the book will be difficult to understand without a plot.

The plot is defined as the order of events or subjects discussed in a story. People enjoy reading about characters who stand for something or can relate to a current world situation. An inciting event that turns the protagonist’s life upside down in a bad way should serve as the story’s aim.

People expect a thriller or mystery novel to begin with a scene in a distinct new universe or on another planet, and a fantasy novel to begin with a scene on a different planet.

In either case, a great book is only as good as its first few pages, and the first few pages may be the difference between someone reading the entire book and putting it on the shelf.

Strong Dialogues

Great books are full of bold, memorable speech that makes people think – the kind that becomes the captions for your Instagram posts.

Bestsellers include dialogues that enhance the plot, reveal the inner personalities of your characters, and bring Christmas to the universe of your story.

The finest books will balance passages that involve a lot of dialogue with scenes that describe the action in first-person or third-person narration. Great authors understand how to make each character’s word choice, grammar, and sentence structure sound wholly unique so that the reader gets the impression that no two characters sound the same.

If you are unsure about these technicalities, you should take the help of a professional editor. It could be expensive for many writers, but you don’t have to get every single one of your books edited. The goal is to learn about the changes that the editor made and write the next book or chapter accordingly. If you do decide to invest in an editor, be sure to ask them to record the changes to make it easier to see the updates.

Final Thoughts

A great book is more than just an excellent story. A great book is a human goldmine, therefore there is always something unexpected to uncover no matter how many times you open a page and start reading.

A wonderful book is a work of art. To put into words why you choose a particular book to read, the cover design and title are the first things that come to mind. Once you begin reading, the feel, narrative, characters, and dialogues are what make a book wonderful.

You must recognize that a writer is not a seller. Books that sell over a million copies may be poorly written, but the authors know how to market them. Writing a book is one thing, but marketing it is quite another.

Before you publish the book, you need to have a fundamental understanding of marketing and how cover designs and titles impact the audience. Every year, millions of books are written, but only a handful of them sell over a million copies; the secret is in the marketing, cover designs, and titles. Yes, storylines and dialogues are important, but only after the design and title.

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