Why Hannah Swensen’s ‘Murder She Baked’ Has a New Name

When Killingsworth Publishing released the book “Murder She Baked” by local author Hannah Swensen last year, they took a risk in adding a fictional character, Gwen, as their narrator. Gwen is a grown woman baking cookies in the kitchen of a suburban Atlanta home when she hears a noise and finds her husband, Harry, dead on the floor. Gwen, who has never baked before, quickly grabs a knife and starts baking up a storm in an effort to cover up the murder.

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Hannah Swensen was a horror movie aficionado in her early 20s when she decided to create a horror-themed baking book. Like many genre fans, she was distressed by the lack of film and television representation of horror fans, and decided to write a book that would connect with a specific audience.


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Fans of “Murder She Baked” are thrilled to have a new Hannah Swensen movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. But if you’re wondering why the movie’s name was changed and is no longer part of the “Murder She Baked” series, there was actually a deliberate reason for the rebranding.

Because the new film had other executives involved, it was renamed ‘Murder She Baked.’

The Hannah Swensen mystery “Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery” will be the sixth installment in the Hannah Swensen series. Despite the fact that the previous five films were all titled “Murder She Baked,” the current film has a different title. Despite the fact that it has been almost four years since the previous film, this new film takes place just six months after the conclusion of “Just Desserts.”

Alison Sweeney stated in an interview with TV Goodness that the film was renamed since other individuals are participating this time.

Sweeney explained:

[The branding] resulted from the fact that it was a fresh production with new individuals engaged. We couldn’t keep “Murder She Baked” continuing since it had something to do with the previous CEOs. As a result, we wanted to embrace Hannah Swenson’s persona and the Joanne Fluke novels (there are 28 of them). As a result, we have plenty of space to expand. We felt [the new title] would help the public remember Hannah and her friends, this beautiful bakery, and solving those riddles, and that it would be the best way to go.

Sweeney noted that the characters are still the same, and the plot picks up only six months after the previous one ended. However, the film has a few unique features that make it stand out from earlier versions. Sweeney said that the new film features a purposefully different musical soundtrack. She said that they want a musical concept that was unique to this tale.

She told TV Goodness, “I really wanted to take a new look at the music, and [that’s] reflected in this specific narrative.”

According to Sweeney, this is also the first Hannah Swensen adaption by screenwriter Marcy Holland, who did not write the other films.

She remarked, “She just got it right out of the gate.” “The whole time I was reading the first draft, I had this big grin on my face.”

Sweeney promised fans in a marketing film that their favorite characters will remain the same, despite the name change. “Hannah Swenson is back,” she remarked. With a new name, the same characters and delectable puzzles you adore are back.”

When they started filming, she said everything fell into place.

Despite the fact that it had been years since a new Hannah Swensen film had been made, Sweeney told TV Goodness that once they began shooting, everything fell into place.

“I believe my first scene with Cameron was when Mike enters the bakery and charms Hannah. It was fantastic, and it felt like we were back at home. And I got that realization, ‘This is what the fans have been missing and anticipating,’ so I was very thrilled about it,” she added.

In fact, she went on to say that they were only able to produce another film due of the fans’ constant requests for more installments.

“The fans have been so loud in their love of these characters, and it’s wonderful to be bringing them back to life and to return to Hannah’s bakery where it all began,” Sweeney said in a Crown Media news statement.

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In March of last year, a popular local television spot was unveiled at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, promoting the upcoming release of Murder She Baked, a new novel starring Hannah Swensen. The spot aired on The Cooking Channel and received glowing reviews from reviewers. It is a bake-off between Hannah and her friend and fellow baker, Stephanie, who is trying to win the contest ahead of her. In one of the scenes, Hannah says: “I used to be afraid of our kitchen. Now it is the place where my best work gets done.”. Read more about bake shop mysteries cast and let us know what you think.

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