Anthony Davis Puts Lakers on Blast Over Recent Slump

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Olympic gold medalist and NBA superstar Anthony Davis is no stranger to success. He was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2019, leading the New Orleans Pelicans to their first-ever NBA championship. But, he’s also been a source of frustration for the franchise, having requested a trade during the 2019 playoffs, only to be denied by the team. Now, Davis has taken his beef with the Pelicans to social media, blasting the organization in an Instagram post for how it has handled his injury. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In this video, I discuss how I got into this

The Lakers are struggling, to say the least, which is something their star player, Anthony Davis, is taking notice of. Earlier today, the Pelicans star took to social media to speak out about the Lakers’ recent struggles. “I can’t do this anymore,” he tweeted. “I’m back on the Lakers.”


Los Angeles Lakers great Anthony Davis.

The Los Angeles Lakers are officially in their worst shape in two seasons. They’ve lost six of their last seven games and haven’t looked good. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are back in action, but they clearly need time to shake off the rust. With the playoffs only a few weeks away, the Lakers need to find a solution quickly.

The biggest concern is how Davis plays. He didn’t play very well before his injury and hasn’t been very good since his return. LeBron will be fine, but it’s hard to say how Davis will come back. The superstar big man was brutally honest after the recent 121-114 defeat against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.

The whole team is in a slump right now, a drought. Not so much individually, but collectively on both sides of the ball, Davis said. This is the lowest level in a long time. …. But the only way is up. It really can’t get any lower than that.

Even without LeBron and Davis, the Lakers played well. They were able to hold on to fifth place in the Western Conference. They are currently in the top three contenders for fifth place, but thanks to a system of tie-breaking, the team is currently in seventh place. If they don’t improve, the Lakers will have to play playoff games to qualify for the playoffs.

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Kuzma says Lakers aren’t good enough right now

Clearly, the Lakers are out of sync at the moment. No one is playing consistently and the superstars aren’t playing at a high enough level to get the team out of the doldrums. Last year, the Lakers were praised for their excellent chemistry. Kyle Kuzma came onto the field and clearly showed they have chemistry issues this year.

I just don’t think we’re connected right now. I think we’re not healthy and not good enough, Kuzma said Sunday, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. We’re just not united as a unit – the team, the staff, everything.

Los Angeles doesn’t have much time to solve these problems. Last season the team didn’t have many problems, now, for the first time in a long time, they are in big trouble. It’s up to LeBron and Davis to help the team build a relationship.

Davis thinks the Lakers should play bigger

The Lakers are the defending champions, but they are not playing like they should. No way are they going to lose to the bad King’s and Raptors teams. Davis noted that the team currently lacks boldness.

It’s not fun when you lose, but at the end of the day, we’re champions, man. Like, we’re the champions. We’re defending the championship, Davis said. That’s why we have to play like this and play with more commitment.

Players like Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard have provided a lot of excitement for the team in the past, but now they are gone. The Lakers need to get their confidence back. If they don’t, the end of the season will be very disappointing.

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