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ATASCADERO – On Tuesday, the Atasquadero Unified School District Board discussed the first phase of school renovations, which began on Monday, and the details added to the plan to resume high schools in January.

AUSD Superintendent Tom Butler stated at the beginning of the meeting that interviews with parents of children in grades 6-12 will take place on Monday 2 December, and will continue until next Monday 9 November. November, will be active. The study allows parents to choose between three different options for their children: Distance learning, a hybrid model that includes face-to-face learning and a self-directed learning option.

The chairman of the committee, Donn Clickard, resumed work Tuesday after the last home meetings, after recovering from a medical procedure. He started the board reports with an inspiring message to the community and staff to return to school and develop a comprehensive plan.

Every Friday I meet with 10 other education committee chairmen from across the district and I can tell you that our plan for discovery and development is unparalleled, Clickard said. You work hard, but our discovery plan works because of all your contributions.

Each director found time to reiterate Clickard’s opinion in the report of his or her board of directors. Several curators visited the school locations on Monday morning to observe the reopening and share their impressions.

I had a short chance to talk to a few teachers at each station, and it wasn’t easy, and I wanted to get all the teachers to scream, said George Sumaker, a confidant.

Mr Butler then commented on updates to the Province’s reopening plan, which can be found on the AUSD website or in the Council’s agenda. The drivers approved the plan for the first time on the 21st. July and then submitted it to the San Luis Obispo County Health Department. The reopening plan has now been approved three more times, on the 14th. October 20th. October and October 26th. October, as the district and county continue to update the plan as new information becomes available.

The new schedules include a protocol on whether a family member should test positive, what happens if a student tests negative after symptoms appear, and how the school district deals with situations where people refuse to be tested.

In all three cases, students cannot return to school until their symptoms have improved and they can go without medication for 24 hours to lower their temperature.

The new district plan also calls for employees to be tested for coronaviruses. The tests are alternately carried out on site every two weeks.

The plan also contained an updated schedule. For high school students, Monday will be fully online to reduce the number of transitions in class in one day. The rest of the week, from Tuesday to Friday, students attend two periods a day.

Follow the district YouTube account for more information or listen to this or any other school committee meeting.

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