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(CBS Local) – Like all athletes in the world, this year’s COWID 19 pandemic has forced swimmers to adapt to a different schedule. For those looking forward to the competition at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, it has been postponed for a year. At the same time, many, if not all, international swimming competitions have been cancelled, with one notable exception: International Swimming League.

In the second season ISL started as a bubble with the ten teams in two hotels in Budapest. This attempt was successful when the competition ended its regular season without any problems. Several semifinals are scheduled for this weekend, and interim Los Angeles CEO Lenny Kraiselburg was impressed by the competition and says the excitement of the athletes competing was palpable.

Los Angeles swimmer Beryl Gastaldello Credit: ISL

All the athletes here are just happy and satisfied to be here. It is clear that as an athlete and a competitor you live for the competition. And in the past 7-8 months, not all these athletes have had such a chance. When everyone came here, they were just grateful that they could run again, Kreiselburg said in an interview with Ryan Mayer of CBS Local. You can really see it. The first games, the first playoffs, people swam in very good times because they had to tap into that energy. And, of course, people have settled in, but for the most part, they’ve been pretty stable over the past few months.

According to Kreiselburg, the union understands the importance of holding the season this year, especially if there are not many other international competitions for the athletes to participate in. As the 2021 Games in Tokyo approached, the opportunity to be in the pool and compete against some of the best in the world proved invaluable.

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You can train as much as you want, but that doesn’t replace the ability to run and compete with the best in the world. That’s what happens during the six weeks you compete with the best in the world. In fact, next summer you will participate 99% in these races in Tokyo, according to Kreiselburg. So you prepare yourself by running the race, watching how your competitors train, how they eat, how they live. If you’re a smart athlete, it’s not just about what you do in the water, it’s also about how you prepare. You’re so strong in the shower. It’s a great opportunity to play mind games as well.

The Kreiselburg team has also achieved many good results. The current one goes to the semi-final as fourth in the draw of the tournament.

The current swimmer Ryan Murphy from Los Angeles. A loan: ISL

After the regular season and some swimmers competing for the MVP Cup season in the USA Ryan Murphy and Beryl Gastaldello in France. In the semifinals Flow will face the undefeated Kali Condors, but also the Toronto Titans and the Iron Team. Hoping for the two best places in the finals, Kreiselburg is convinced of the performance of his team.

We scored enough points to compare ourselves with the other three teams we swim with. In the next few days, we will be working on different casting scenarios, taking into account how the game unfolds. But we have every confidence in it, Kreiselburg says. Our last match was of course very good and we played with a number of events, placing several athletes in different events. We are confident that we are just beginning to realize our potential.

The ISL semifinal can be played on Sunday the 15th. November, from 12:00 noon on the CBS sports network. Eastern time. You can also follow the events live on the ISL website.

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