UK to be battered by Storm Aiden and remnants of Hurricane Zeta

The metro has issued yellow weather warnings for most of the UK (Photo: Getty Images).

Be prepared for windy weather, heavy showers and the possibility of flooding almost anywhere this weekend.

The underground predicts a storm in the west of the United Kingdom today, followed by a storm on Sunday.

Yellow weather warnings for rain until 9pm tonight for Northern Ireland, the west coast of England, Scotland and Wales.

Forecasts predict traffic nuisance, possible power cuts and even flooding in all regions.

Marco Petagna, the predictor of the subway weather, said he expected floods almost everywhere in the country and that Storm Aidan would move from west to east all day long.

He said: At night there will be less noise and it will be clearly visible, although the rains in Scotland may persist.

Stormy seas surround the Mumbles Beacon near Swansea this morning as Storm Aiden hits the United Kingdom (Photo: REX).

People hiding under umbrellas during a Wimbledon spring walk (Photo: REX)

On Sunday we will see more rain from the southwest, which will affect the whole of Great Britain.

It will gradually calm down next week when we see a big change towards calmer weather.

The wind should be 75 miles per hour on the islands off the Scottish coast and 70 miles per hour on the west coast.

But the temperature seems very mild for this time of year, said Petagnya, noting that Saturday and Sunday the maximum temperature is 16 degrees in the south and 11 degrees in the north.

The storm had already caused a disturbance when rescuers had to rescue a man at 5 a.m. after his yacht was overthrown by a huge wave of monsters from the Scylla Islands in the southwest of England.

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The Frenchman and his 34-foot yacht were rescued six miles from shore by a Falmouth Coast Guard helicopter and a RNLI lifeboat.

The chief of staff of the National Maritime Operations Centre, Jan Guy, said the sailor described how a large wave of monsters crashed into the boat, turning it over, rolling it over and throwing it out of the water. With such a storm forecast for the region this morning, it was important to get help quickly for this small sailing boat.

Fortunately, the captain was not injured and the crew of the St. John’s RNLI lifeboat was not injured. Marys was able to tow the ship under difficult conditions and bring it back to the port of the Scylla Islands.

A boy pushes his bike through a flooded park when the River Convi floods Llanrvst, Wales (Photo: Getty Images).

Drivers control the depth of a flooded road as the River Convi flows out of its bed in Llanrvst, Wales (Photo: Getty Images)

Scotland is expected to be most affected by floods, with 12 warnings on the west coast and in areas such as Dundee and Angus, Theiside and the Orkney Islands.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) today issued 11 flood warnings in areas at risk.

The Environmental Protection Agency issued 17 flood warnings for sites across England, from Cumbria to Bournemouth, and the Natural Resources Agency for Wales issued 33 warnings.

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