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Trevor Lawrence of Clemson scored three touchdowns, two on the ground and one in the air, in Clemson’s dominant 45-10 victory over Virginia Tech.

The CCA-championship game we all predicted when Notre Dame decided to play as a member of the league this year ended on a cold Saturday-evening in Blacksburg, Virginia when Clemenson finished sixth in a CCA-championship game, beating Virginia Tech 45-10. Meanwhile, Notre Dame ended the CCR season with a 45-21 victory over Syracuse, which had already settled in its place. So now we have to wait a week for the return game between the two best teams in the CCA in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the consequences of a great playball tournament: the College Football Playoff.

At the end of the regular season there were no major shocks. Boston College, Syracuse and NC State ended their season as planned on Saturday. The Eagles survived the season with only one positive case of coronavirus among all their players, and that happened during the last week of testing. Meanwhile, state coach Dave Doren is to be praised for what he did this season in Wolfpack and is nominated for the CCA Coach of the Year award. A year after 4-8, NC State doubled its winnings, finished the game 8-3 and won seven conference games with a school record. While it is true that everyone played two games more than usual in the CCA, the work of Dooren and the new offensive coordinator Tim Beck is worth mentioning – especially after the defeat of starter Devin Leary in mid-October. – Andrea Adelson

1. Notre Dame 2. Clemson3. Miami4. North Carolina
5. CN State
6. Alert seven. Virginia 8. Boston College
9. Pitt 10. Virginia Tech11. Louisville
12. Georgia Tech13. Florida14. Prince 15. Syracuse

Large 12

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Spencer Rattler throws a few touchdowns and Rammondr Stevenson brings one back. Oklahoma’s number 11 wins the Baylor 27-14.

And then there were two more.

There is still a week before the start of the regular season of the Big 12, and we have participants who will play in the conference championship. The state of Iowa took its place in the Big 12 at the beginning of the day after the Oklahoma TCU riots, when hurricanes continued to dominate West Virginia and added some icing to their very first convention dock.

In the nightclub of the league, the Oklahoma defense spent the day fighting Baylor. The OU win is the sixth in a row, and after the start of the 0-2 season in the Big 12, the OU returns to the competition for the conference championship title. Soon there will only be one game left (against West Virginia), while the Cyclones will play the weekend before the two games on the 19th day of the tournament. December.

Elsewhere, Texas recovered at a fast pace, playing their best offensive game of the year and scoring 69 points on their way to a dominant Kansas victory. The already mentioned Horned Frogs defeated the 15th place despite five laps. stands Oklahoma and eliminated the cowboys for the championship. And tech Texas thumbed his nose in Kansas in a game that wasn’t pretty at all. — Sam Khan Jr.

1. State of Iowa2. Oklahoma3. Texas
4. Oklahoma5. West Virginia6. TCU
7. State of Kansas8. Texas
Technology 9. Baylor 10. Kansas

The big ten

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When Indiana launches her Reserve Buy More, the defense increases by two turns and she gets a huge fourth stop in a victory over Wisconsin.

Ohio remains at the top of the rankings with a 52-12 victory over Michigan. Indiana runs directly behind the Buckeyes’ No. 2 after beating Wisconsin Badgers’ favorite in Madison 14-6 with new quarterback Jack Tuttle.

Northwest stops at number 3 after canceling their game against Minnesota, while Iowa stops at number 4 with a win against Illinois. Nebraska comes out of the basement with a victory over Purdue, and Rutgers is defeated 23-7 by the state of Pennsylvania. — Harry Liles, Jr.

1. State of Ohio2. Indiana3. Northwestern4. Iowa5. Wisconsin
6. Minnesota
7. Maryland
8. Penn State9. State of Michigan10. Michigan11. Nebraska12. Purdue
13. Illinois
14. Rutgers


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In the second quarter, Ashad Clayton Colorado 14-13 leads Arizona with two short touchdowns.

Saved by victories in the first two games of the season, RSC seemed to be the best team in the Pac-12 in the last two games: He defeated Utah and the state of Washington. The only other undefeated team in the conference is Colorado, which could have come out of the Pac 12 championship even if they hadn’t lost a single game.

Here’s the scenario: The game is scheduled for next week at the University of California and Colorado – Utah. If both teams win, RSC goes to the conference title game (one of Colorado’s victories was a nonconference game against San Diego), giving Colorado a chance to win the title on day 19 of the tournament. December is the only undefeated team in the Pac-12, but not the conference champion. It will look bad and the conference can easily avoid that.

Instead of the current games this week, RSC is scheduled to play in Colorado and RSC in Utah – both games were cancelled earlier this year. If USC loses to Colorado, they can still play UCLA next week. For Colorado, it is more important to maintain a fair way to win the conference title than to play the OSC-OCKLA game in an empty stadium. — Kyle Bonagura

1. USC
2. Colorado3. Washington4. UCLA
5. Oregon6. Stanford
7. Utah8. Washington State9. Oregon
10. Cal11. Arizona12. Arizona


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The Tigers survived the fourth quarter with 27 points and scored a winning goal at the end of the period to secure the Battle Line Cup against the Razorbacks.

Don’t look now, but Missouri is in the top five and seems to be a real problem for the rest of the SEC.

What Coach Eli Drinkwitz has accomplished in less than a year at Columbia, Missouri is amazing. He has the Tigers, which many believe will be among the worst teams in the conference, as well as future rivals who have won five of the last six games.

Not to mention, he did all this despite the few players who left him, and he did it without changing Sean Robinson’s TSU as quarterback.

No, this starting quarterback, Connor Bazelak, leads a dynamic attack that can blow you up and you can lift the ball into the air or turn it around and give Larry Rowntree III a rattle between cuts.

If all this means Missouri’s pissing Georgia off on Saturday, someone else will have to find out. So far we can say with certainty that the Tigers have attracted the attention of the Bulldogs, which is much more than was expected at the beginning of this season. — Alex Scarborough

1. Alabama2. Florida3. Texas A&M
4. Georgia5. Missouri6. Auburn
7. Ole Miss 8. Kentucky9. Arkansas
10. LSU
11. Tennessee 12. State of Mississippi13. South Carolina14. Vanderbilt

Group 5/independent

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The Carolina Coast Guard will stop when the Chanticleers eliminate BYU in the final stretch to win 22-17.

Cincinnati remains in first place after a week-long break, but Coastal Carolina has done his best to challenge the Bear Cats in the standings with an impressive victory over BYU, only a few points behind. Louisiana rose to third place after an impressive (and first) victory over the Appalachian state.

Tulsa ruined Navy Alumni Day and reached a point with the loss of the state App. This week’s most surprising result in Group 5 was Marshall’s 20-0 loss to Rice, which brought the herd back to 10th place. Memphis leaves the performance review after losing to Tulane, and Buffalo sneaks in as the best team in MAC despite a day off. — Harry Liles, Jr.

1. Cincinnati2. Carolina Coast3. Louisiana
4. BYU
5. State of Boise6. Tulsa 7. Freedom
8. State of Appalachia9. Buffalo
10. Marshall

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