Drake’s ‘NOCTA’ and Additional Last Minute Hip-Hop Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is in full swing and we are only a week away from Santa’s arrival through the chimney. If you’re still looking for gifts for the hip-hop culture lover in your life, you’re still in luck.

Hip-hop has kept you on the edge of your seat with new releases from J. Cole, JAY-Z, Drake, designers like JoeFreshFoods, and articles that refer to the most popular sayings and times in culture. Take a look at some of the items below.

NOCTA Nike drake line

Nike and Drake Announce New NOCTA Collaboration Nike and Drake Announce New NOCTA Collaboration

If you live in a tundra climate like Drake, it is important to stay warm. God 6ix brings the fans back with the release of Nocta on the 18th. December’s on his way. Drake explains in detail that NOCTA is meant for people on the road. People who want chairs that are functional, comfortable and adaptable from one environment to another. The Nike NOCTA collection will be available from the age of 18. Launched worldwide in December. Visit nocta.com or @officialnocta for more information.

JoeFreshGoods x Reverse line

my @conversion collection will be available worldwide tomorrow ✌ check your local spots. I must have missed a few stores, but I don’t get paid to advertise fun. I just want to make sure everyone who wants it gets it. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/Jk7c1K65bu

– Joe (@JoeFreshgoods) 16. December 2020

One of the hottest designers on the planet is JoFreshGoods. The Chicago resident has become notorious in recent years until 2020, which can be considered his best year so far. After designing for Adidas and New Balance, Joe used his talents for Converse to create a collection reminiscent of the seventies and the black magic around it.

The Fella Candle Company

Figure 1

There’s more than just clothes. Chicago-based candle company Fella inspires men’s scents with its luxurious options.

Men have long been neglected when it comes to buying candles, says designer Chauncey H. Robinson. I have built a person around the concept of improving mental health and positivity through products that convey a positive message.

Ladies love the season of grey sweat suits and handcuffs, so why not let the crib give off that smell when it arrives? You can also take a dip in the scent of The Weeknd or in a little brown liqueur with Smokey Old Fashioned. The possibilities are endless and available here.

The dreamer of J. Cole’s RS.

Cole RS-Dreamer 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' PUMA releases the new J. Cole’s Blood, Sweat and Tears.

PUMA goes into a J.J. Watson basketball game. Cole, RS Dreamer Blood, sweat and tears.

Blood, sweat and tears are modulated by Charlotte Hornets’ LaMelo Ball, and the spades are inspired by the guts, determination and tenacity needed to make dreams come true, despite the obstacles encountered or the time that has elapsed since then. This sneaker is proof of the hard work Cole put into his career.

The new shoe comes in a bright red colour with the Dreamer logo and PUMA Hoops technology. The RS Dreamer Blood, Sweat and Tears costs $125 and will be available from Friday the 18th. December, available at Foot Locker, PUMA NYC Store and PUMA.com.

J.Z. Cannabismonogram

JAY-Z announces its first cannabis brand 'MONOGRAM' JAY-Z announces its first cannabis brand ‘MONOGRAM’.

MONOGRAM is based on a rigorous selection of strains and gentle cultivation methods, as well as uncompromising quality, to determine what cannabis means to the consumer. The brand will be launched via a high-end e-commerce platform adapted to the product range. The brand’s website is online at www.monogramcompany.com and on Instagram at @MONOGRAMCOMPANY.

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