EXCLUSIVE: Clare Crawley DMs Support to Yosef Aborady’s Accuser

Carly Hammond/Claire Crowley

Carly Hammond/ABC/Craig Shodin

Carly Hammond accused one of Claire Crawley’s members of sending the alarm tape.

In Tuesday’s episode of Bachelorette, Claire Crawley said her signature line again: I would never want my children to have a father like you. In the absence of former bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, the application was submitted to the thugs of the sixteen. Joseph Aboradi.

Aborady seemed happy to take over, and verbally attacked Crowley for his age, unsuitability for motherhood and lack of class. He called on his daughter to explain that a date with a stripper, in which he wasn’t involved, had offended him.

However, given the viral TicToc, Aborady seems to embody some of these toxic properties. In the video, which now counts 417,300 Likes, the former Carly Hammond (Aborady) claims to have received a video of a reality TV star masturbating for another woman after a weekend of missed visits. Steve’s reality has now confirmed this news.

Hammond feels strong enough to take on Aborady and decides to thank the woman who inspired her. The day after the incident, Hammond sent a message to Crowley without waiting for a reply.

Heavy has now received exclusive news from Crawley showing their support for Hammond through Tiffany Goldstein of the Tiffany Speaking Podcast. Goldstein got screenshots of Hammond after his performance in his Instagram Live and Podcast.

News between Claire Crawley and Carly Hammond.

Tiffany Goldstein by Carly Hammond.

News between Claire Crawley and Carly Hammond.

Tiffany Goldstein by Carly Hammond.

In fact, I spoke to Claire this morning after the incident and she told me how the producers make things so much better than they really are, Hammond said during Goldstein’s Instagram Live: I’m proud of you for being a strong woman in your responsibility.

Hammond shared his story about TikTokfor the first time.

Anyone who asked: Yeah, I saw Carly Hammond’s Tick Took video. I talked to her last night to check the information, she talks about Joseph, she showed me other messages between them, and it all happened in the past. Just three videos. https://t.co/XVPQlRfkY0.

– RealityStroika (@RealtyStroika) 22. October 2020

Hammond is part of the popular trend to put its finger on TikTok, where users tell shocking stories. Put your finger down when you talked to the guy you put on Instagram, and then, after a few weeks of talking, you knew he’d be the bad guy on The Bachelorette this season, Hammond said in his video. And then you give him another chance and he comes to you because you’re not in the same state and you’re surprised at the effort he’s made to come to you and the way he’s been texting you all day.

Although she described the visit as a heartbreaking experience, she was shocked when she received the video of Snapchat Aborady masturbating on another woman Hammond said he was trying to hide in a social networking application. The experience has blinded them.

When I first saw the video, I was annoyed, Hammond Goldstein told the podcast. Like I really made it happen, like I didn’t see it? I see these things all the time and I never see them.

Hammond will always run into a reality show competitor, but he’ll play the nonsense. She told Heavy that he had called to apologize for the service and that he had no remorse or anything like that.

After the video was broadcast, Hammond Goldstein said that seven women had contacted him to tell him their own stories about Aborady. Havy contacted Aboradi for feedback.

Aborady has been called for the night of the Bachelorette.

Claire forces Tyler S. and Joseph to discuss their quarantine drama – Tyler S. tells Joseph what he heard from a mutual friend that Joseph passed messages to the women during their quarantine, Claire puts them both in jail for hashish. From the first week, the first of the 2020 bachelor season. See TUESDAY 8|7c on ABC, streaming on demand and Hulu.2020-10-14T05:00:03Z.

This information came to light shortly after Aborady was involved in a nocturnal drama with Tyler Cottril on a similar subject. Cottrill said the mutual friend got something that looked like a mass message with an inscription: Hello, hello, beautiful. Have a nice day.

When I got involved, I was in a strange position to get to know Joseph, Cottrill said during the first of the season at the tournament. A lot of recklessness in Instagram and flirting with girls who know me where I come from.

Hammond made it clear that she wasn’t a mutual friend and didn’t start dating Aborady until after he finished filming the show. Although, knowing Tiffany like me: If you talk to him, believe me, you’re not alone.

Cottrill was sent home at the first rose ceremony.

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