Fear the Walking Dead Star Got Death Threats Over Fan-Favorite Character’s Murder

The star of the Walking Dead, Alexa Neesenson, received death threats after her character killed a fan-favorite survivor in the Walking Dead swarm – unfortunately. Nissenson, who was 11 years old at the time, says she was not fully prepared for the expected reaction to the death of the protagonist Nick Clark (Frank Dillane). The son of the show directs Madison (Kim Dickens) and his sister Alicia (Alicia-Debnam Carey), Nick, was shot by Charlie (Nisenson) in episode 4 of season 4 of Good Lord. This surprising death comes after Nick Ennis (Evan Gamble), a member of the Garbage Vultures and Charlie’s protector, is killed in the same episode.

I didn’t know what was gonna happen [Charlie kills Nick] when I came to the show. I discovered it when I opened the script, and the podcast Oh my God, Nissenson said on the Talk podcast Dead to Me. I was shocked. I didn’t see it coming. I thought I could make up for lost time. I think it should have been five, maybe six episodes.

Today, in the middle of his sixth season in the Fear Series, Nysenson expected revenge for pulling the trigger on his favorite Nick. After reading the script, the young actress knew how the fans would react, but she said: I don’t think I was prepared for what it really was.

So am I: Okay, I’m gonna do a few episodes and then I’m off, she said. But [the role] continued, and I’m very grateful because it was an incredible journey, and I’m very grateful to have been here and to be a regular at the show.

Since then, Charlie has in a way become the sister of Alicia, who is one of the most beloved characters of the show and one of the last survivors of the first season. But it wasn’t easy to show the audience Alexi instead of Charlie.

I was only 11 at the time. For example, if I logged on to Instagram or Twitter, I would see hundreds, if not thousands of comments saying this: I hate you! You killed Nick! Nissenson said. And I’ve always said: I fully understand where the fans come from. It was awful for me, too.

When Nissenson sympathizes with viewers who have to say goodbye to a beloved character, the reaction becomes disturbing and truly personal.

I fully understand why they felt that and feel that way, so I understand that part. I think it was really hard for me when it got personal and people threatened me, said the actress, now 14. Someone found my address and said he’d come to my house [and kill me]. It became very personal for a while, and it was scary. It was scary for me and my family. I certainly didn’t expect her to reach the level she had reached.

After Nick’s death in April 2018, Dillan confirmed that he had asked to kill Nick after the departure of the original season 3 showrunner and co-creator of the series, Dave Erickson. This decision was taken before new presenters Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg took creative control of Season 4, establishing Morgan Jones (Lenny James) of The Walking Dead as the new series leader in the very first crossover between the two series.

The British actor later told Entertainment Weekly that he was homesick and wanted to play other characters because he thought we’d done what we should have done in the first two seasons.

Fear the Walking Dead returns with new episodes in 2021 at AMC. Follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter for everything to do with TWD.

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