HBO’s Hellraiser TV Show Brings in Original Creator Clive Barker

Clive Barker joined HBO Hellraiser TV as Executive Producer. The new series has already been announced in April this year, Halloween director David Gordon Green has joined the director and several other episodes. The series was written by Mark Verheiden (Heroes) and Michael Doherty (Godzilla: King of Monsters). At the time of the announcement Barker was not on board, although the show is based on his novel Heart of Hell.

Clive Barker says he’s glad the Hellraiser mythology has been revived. It’s time for the stories to go back to their roots. I want to introduce a new audience to the most powerful and oldest elements of terror: the darkest evil that invades our human life and how to find the strength to resist it. The HBO series is not a remake and aims to promote the continuation and expansion of the established Hellreiser mythology.

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Executive producer Dan Farah seems to have played an important role in securing Clive Barker and his rights to Mark Toberov’s series Rising from Hell. Farah said the hellish explosion started with Clive’s imagination and we couldn’t help but be glad he was on board. In addition to ten films, the franchise also includes anthologies of books, comic books and souvenir clothing from around the world. The series can be used in many ways, but it is not yet clear what the theme of the series will be when it is released. The date of publication has not yet been announced. There is currently no start date for production, although it is easy to predict that it will start early next year.

Although not much is known about David Gordon Green’s Hellraiser for HBO, Pinhead, the ruthless leader of the Cenobites, is expected to lead the show. Kenobits are ancient human-stealing demons that live in an outer dimensional area and are activated by a puzzle called Crying Pattern. Kenobits come from hell to collect human souls and maintain a balance between good and evil, which should be an important part of the series, along with almost everything to do with the Hellraiser franchise at any given time.

Mark Verheiden is the show director for the next HBO series. The executive producers are David Gordon Green, Michael Doherty, Mark Verheiden, Dan Farah, Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, Lawrence Coppin, David Saltzman, Eric Gardner, Andrew Farah, Adam Saltzman, Danny McBride, Jody Hill and Brandon James. We hope that HBO will announce a number of details in the coming weeks or at least before the end of the year. In addition to the Hellraiser series, director David Bruckner is on his way and promises not to be stopped working with Clive Barker’s original material. The deadline was the first to announce the return of Clive Barker to the Hellraiser franchise for the HBO series.

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