How to Build a Brand as a Crypto Influencer

If you have a genuine love for all things crypto, now could be a good time to become an influencer in that space. People are becoming increasingly curious about cryptocurrencies lately because of how the markets are moving. Unlike other financial markets, people in the crypto space tend to prefer alternative sources for information, and you could become the main person they go to for advice. This would allow you to earn an income through things like affiliate marketing or by releasing your course or product. Tons of sponsorship opportunities could open themselves up for you as well.  Let’s take a look at how you can build a brand as a crypto influencer. You can read Blockchain news here.

Up Your Knowledge

You might know a thing or two about crypto, but you will need to become a bona fide expert before you start presenting yourself as an influencer. We would suggest that you start looking up a few crypto marketing case studies, start learning about advanced principles that go beyond price fluctuations and learn about technology surrounding crypto as well. This will allow you to talk about a wide variety of topics, and it will make content creation much easier.

Get Active on Reddit

So many people who are into crypto get their news from Reddit, and it is one of the best places you can go to start building relationships in the community. You can use Reddit to up your profile, but you could also meet other influencers there and start building. 

Reddit can also be used to send traffic to various pieces of online real estate you may be operating. Reddit can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground, for instance. YouTube channels don’t blow up by accident, and many of the top crypto YouTube you see today started posting videos and commenting in subreddits, so don’t underestimate the power of the platform.

Be a Good Investor

You should know, however, that people will want to see evidence that you actually know what you’re doing, and they will be asking for receipts. If you can’t show evidence of successful trades you’ve made, people will start to get suspicious. So, this means that you will need to work on your investing strategy if it’s hit and miss at the moment. You also have to make sure that you document your trades to show proof and for content creation purposes as well.

Consider Niching Down

You may have a greater chance of standing out if you decide to niche down and speak about a very specific subject within crypto. You could focus on one particular type of cryptocurrency, speak on ICOs specifically, or give advice on how to mine crypto instead of buying it, for instance. Picking a niche will reduce the number of competitors you have to go against. It could also allow you to benefit from any specialized expertise you may have.

These are all things you can do if you want to become a well-recognized and respected figure in the crypto community. Know that it requires hard work, discipline, and dedication, however, so don’t expect things to happen overnight. 

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