Kenneth reacts to people telling him his relationship is ‘scripted’

90 The day Kenneth Niedermeler’s fiancée went to his instagram to investigate allegations against him in connection with his relationship.

Kenneth has a relationship with Armando. This duo is the second gay couple to be seen on 90 Day Groom. A couple goes to a lot of trouble to get a marriage license. As you can see in previous episodes, the real couple thought that same-sex couples were allowed into Mexico after hearing some of the people who lived there. When they arrived at the registration office, they unfortunately received a negative answer.

Kenneth defends his relationship

A 90-day-old bride picked up the story from her instagram to record a message for opponents.

He began to see negative comments from people, asked them why they hadn’t done any research and accused them of acting. Kenneth denied the accusations and said we weren’t actors and there was nothing in the script.

Kenneth explains all of Armando’s research, and he did.

Kenneth said that if they had looked clearly and without conviction, they would have noticed that they had done their research and knew that the Mexican Supreme Court had ruled that same-sex couples were legal. He said they even checked if it was legal in the state where they lived and found that there were 34 same-sex marriages.

The 90-day-old bride also said she called the marriage bureau and said they were going to Mexico as same-sex couples.

The marriage bureau told them what documents they needed, and because they were same-sex couples, they were asked to write a letter. The letter should have contained the reason why Armando and Kenneth wanted to marry.

They didn’t give us any signs of rejection, so it was a shock when we were, Kenneth said.

Kenneth talks about the prom scene

Kenneth also talked about the promotional scene aired on TLC. The promotion scene you see along the way is that we take our official rejection letter and the wording was terrible, you only get part of it in the video along the way. He said he wanted people to look at the whole scene and not jump to conclusions.

He thanked his fans for their support and decided to say that their love and support outweighed the negative.

Kenneth is criticized on pageof Instagram.

The star of the reality show placed a picture of her lover Armando and his daughter on his Instagram page. He took a picture, not quite in black and white. However, he was criticized in his comments because one of his supporters said she was curious why a 51-year-old woman dating a 31-year-old man is socially unacceptable and why a 51-year-old woman like Kenneth could date a 31-year-old man. She says she loves this couple, but she doesn’t appreciate double standards.

Kenneth responded to his comment that he had also received negative comments, and he believes that people should enable adults to make their own decisions by mutual agreement.

What do you think of Kenneth and Armando?

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