Vin Diesel Will Return in Bloodshot 2

Reportedly, Vin Diesel is back in Bloodshot 2, although the release of the film this year was far from ideal. The premiere of Bloodshot in mid-March 2020 was one of the first newspaper headlines to fall victim to the country’s closure. When many theatres started to close, Sony made the film available digitally on request within two weeks of the theatre premiere.

Although the bad timing of the Bloody Snapshot premiere resulted in a loss of profit for the cash registers, the plans for the sequel continue. Dan Mintz, CEO of Valiant Comics’ parent company, DMG Entertainment, recently told CBR that they still regard the film as a great success and added that they only look at the number of tickets sold for the film.

POWERFUL: I think [Bloodshot] has been very successful in that respect, a lot of people have seen it, and it has worked very well in the post-release deployment, but you can’t apply the same pre-VIDOC evaluation process to it. Will Vin Diesel and all these people continue? Yes, because everything was so good and the answer was so good that only the answer was in an opaque environment, as opposed to a transparent environment such as cash register numbers.

Bloodshot, directed by David S.F. Wilson and the writers Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisser, is based on the character of the same name from Valiant Comics. He follows a marine who was killed in battle, only to be resurrected by a superpower organization hoping to use him as a weapon. With Vin Diesel, the film is also about Sam Hugan, Eiza Gonzales, Toby Kebbell, Guy Pierce and Lamorn Morris.

Since Mintz only mentions Diesel, it’s not clear whether Wilson will come back as director or what other Bloodshot actors can come back to rearrange their roles. In the vague assumption that all these people come back with diesel, it seems promising that most, if not all, protagonists from the first film will return in one capacity or another. Bloodshot 2 seems to be in the early stages of sales preparations, so we also don’t know when a movie is going to shoot or when it will be released on screen.

Sony and DMG Entertainment see great prospects for Bloodshot, because the film had to open up a new cinematic universe with characters from the Valiant comic book. In addition to the sequel to Bloody Sequel, there are plans to make a film based on the Harbinger comic series. This series follows a group of renegade teenagers with superpowers known as harbingers, and the title is one of Valiant’s best-selling comics. In 2019, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to the film, making the potential of the intersection between Harbinger and Bloody Shot uncertain.

Let’s hope he can enjoy a good run at the box office until Bloodshot 2 arrives. For now, you can view the original Bloodshot on Blu-ray and Video on Demand. This message is from the CBR.

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