How TO Submit Payment Online

Are you trying to find info about Here at, we are happy to provide insight into the njmcdirect website so you can manage/pay any lingering new jersey tickets online.

If you’re brand new to the subject, the NJMCDirect portal is the New Jersey Municipal Court (NJMC) site that provides a way for people to pay tickets onilne. This is typically much much more convenient than actually going to court or having to deal with the DMV, so while it’s always frustrating to have to pay a fine, this at least doesn’t tend to drag out very long.

The site is a surefire way to resolve any outstanding ticket/court situations. You’ll want to have your ticket information available to get things going, but after that the website makes it pretty easy to follow along.

It’s worth mentioning that the website is accessible 24/7 although there are limiited hours available for assistance over the phone if needed.

Steps to submit Payment Online

Here are the all important steps that are necessary to make a NJMCDirect payment online:

1) Use a phone, computer, tablet, or other device to open your web browser

The web portal works well on any of the top website browsers (IE, firefox, chrome, etc)

2) Visit the Official NJMCDirect Site

You can navigate to the NJMCDirect website by google searching or visiting

3) Once you’ve reached the NJMCDirect Website

If you’re on the right site, you’ll see a logo for the New Jersey Courts up at the top of the screen (to go with a little green lock symbol that means the website is secure). After that you’ll want to choose Traffic Ticket and continue on.

4) Make a payment

There are a variety of details that are required when submitting payment.

Info for your Traffic Ticket: The following information will be necessary in order to submit online payment:

  • Court ID/Name
  • Prefix
  • Ticket Number
  • License Plate Number

Once that’s done you’ll need to search in order to locate your personal ticket

The website will then prompt you to select a payment method. Visa, Mastercard, American Express should all be available as needed.

NJ Surcharge (what’s that)?

Here at njmcdirecting, we love to answer questions from readers. One of the more popular topic that tends to surface is related to New Jersey and surcharges.

The NJMVC is in charge of forwarding any surcharges (called a NJ surcharge) to drivers who may have broken one (or more) New Jersey traffic laws.

If a driver winds up with too many points on their driving record, they may face surcharges.

Are Insurance Rates Affected by NJ Traffic Tickets?

Anytime a drivers winds up receiving a traffic ticket in New Jersey (or anywhere), it has the potential to negatively affect insurance rates.

Companies must make estimates / driver predictions in order to ensure that premiums will be able to support future claims. As a result, any infractions on the road are bound to show up on someone’s bill.


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