Strictly Come Dancing 2020: Jamie Laing reveals secret backstage meltdown

Actually, you're dancing with Jamie Lang Karen Hauer.

Jamie Laing and Karen Hauer take stock in Strictly Come Dancing.

Jamie Laing spent time this year on the Strictly Come Dancing roller coaster and led the ranking for some of his performances, while taking the last two spots for others.

Despite all this, the Made in Chelsea star and partner of Karen Hauer has been smiling her whole life.

However, in an interview with about his experiences on the dance floor, the 32-year-old boy confessed that he had had a nervous breakdown before a backstage performance.

And we don’t blame him at all.

He told us that when he collapsed, he let the cat out of the bag: I had one before I started samba [week four]. You go backstage and you have about 5 to 10 minutes to warm up before you go dancing.

I was backstage and tried to remember my steps, but I couldn’t remember any. I looked at Karen and I said: Karen, I lost him. She says I’ve lost him: You’d better find him. It was a little uncomfortable, but we were fine.

Actually, you're dancing with Jamie Lang Karen Hauer.

Jamie said he had a nervous breakdown backstage before a gig.

She’s as strong as anyone, you’d better find her. Okay, well, I’ll find it somewhere.

They managed to get an incredible 25 out of 30 in one night, so we can say Jamie found it.

The cute entrepreneur had his share of criticism during his fight for the Glossy Ball and ended up in a dance break several times.

Instead of panicking, he came back stronger and stronger, nailed his next performance and made the audience smile at the same time.

Jamie Lang's girlfriend, Sophie Hubbou.

Jame and Sophie Hubbou meet each other for about a year (Photo: Rex).

Jamie spoke so honestly about the judges’ comments that he insisted they were always honest in everything they said, and he was happy to be involved.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

This year’s competition is different from other years because most participants have to isolate themselves from friends and family in order to participate.

Jamie was lucky because he could stay in his London flat with his girlfriend Sophie Hubbou, but he explained that some of his stars are difficult without parents.

More info: Great Britain

It’s an incredible achievement to put on a show like this without a pandemic, I mean it’s pretty impressive, not to mention Covida, he added.

I think it’s the hardest thing for a lot of people, and I’m lucky that I live in London and can live with my girlfriend, but a lot of people have had to isolate themselves without family.

I think it was very difficult for her. I don’t know how good I would have been if I hadn’t been able to see my girlfriend and everything else, because it makes me feel normal.

I think that’s what you need at this time, so I think it’s pretty hard for others.

The Strictly-Come Dance will exceptionally take place on Saturday at 19.00 hours.

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